Friday, 22 July 2016

Our Old Friends The Red Arrows

This morning started with a small celebration....taking the last of the soil to the dump!
I could sit and look at this grey empty space for brings such joy to my heart!
I don't know how many years this mound of earth has bugged me...and the weeds that grew half way up the garage wall, getting higher and thicker each year.
It has taken a long time to clear...but we have finally made it...I say we...its been Teen Two and I that have taken on the challenge and we have finally got there!
Funny how quite insignificant things can make give you such a sense of achievement isn't it!
After dropping Teen One off to work and then the celebratory trip to the dump, it was time for some grocery shopping and today I fancied going to Lidl's.
They had the most delicious looking cherries in store today...and they taste as good as they look!
Teen One and I have become rather partial to these snack cucumbers, and seeing as she will need a packed lunch for work next week, these are ideal to pop in and perk up some sandwiches with.
I also noticed this new first glance I thought it was our favourite Shloer...but its is 99p a bottle and we shall see if we can taste the difference!
Does anyone watch "Eat Well For Less?"
I love that programme...makes me feel so smug...coming from a family of bargain hunters, it does my soul good to see what an efficient shopper I am compared to many!
Yesterday the mum only bought branded the kids would apparently not drink anything else!
Their branded coke was "swapped" for....their branded coke!! With a white label on it the kids and the mum were convinced it was cheap diet coke!
When the truth was revealed the mum vowed to only buy the cheap stuff from now on!
Another lovely buy today was this Mint and Green Tea ice cream
It was £1.49 a tub, buy one get one free.
At that price it just had to be tried and I can confirm it is deliciously refreshing and will not last long in my hands!
I may have to go back and stock up as I imagine it is only around for a limited time.
Where we are using the gazebo rather a  lot at the moment....we have realised how useful a bin would be nearby.
We are often out there eating lollies and need somewhere to put the when I saw this in Lidl's today it seemed perfect!
It was actually in the laundry section...I don't really know what for....maybe keeping soap powder in??
Anyway, whatever it was intended for...we have adapted it for our own personal use as a garden bin...and having a lid makes it nuisance flies buzzing around.
This afternoon it was rather warm again...and I really wanted to tackle the ironing pile before it grew out of I set up the ironing board by the French  doors, overlooking the garden, with a slight breeze coming through.
It was so sunny I had to wear sunglasses...which seemed rather strange whilst ironing I must admit!
Our faithful "mini sunflowers" are started to bloom again.
I am eternally grateful to the friend who gave me a clump from her garden many years ago...every year these come up and always make such a lovely show.

I had made Teen Two and I a hot roll, using the last of yesterdays BBQ pulled pork, and decided to have mine in the garden.
I wasn't out long when I heard the unmistakeable sound of....
...the Red Arrows!
Over the years I have been dragged  taken to many air shows with Hubby, but I never cease to be thrilled by the Red Arrows!
You should just about be able to make out the heart here...I just love to see them make it and then the arrow going through the middle.
Up in the attic I had a fantastic view...and at one point a jet flew RIGHT OVER our house!! It was amazing! I was just so sad Hubby wasn't around to see it.
The roofers working on a loft extension up the road had an even better view!
They even had deckchairs up there...what a brilliant lunch time they had!
It was a spectacular show and as always I was sad when it came to an end...
as they fly off into the distance its like saying goodbye to an old friend, and I always wish they would turn back and thrill us some more!
Friday July 22, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.



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  1. well done to the soil - its a real sense of achievement. As to the red arrows - I agree - they are wonderful to watch. They practise up here and you can often see them as you drive to Lincoln.