Monday, 25 July 2016

One Person Can Make A Difference

Starting with last night....Teen Two was rather eager for the evening church service to be over, because it was the start of the new series of Robot Wars!
This programme has been in need of a new series for some years, and whilst Teen Two and Hubby have enjoyed seeing the real life competitions when they come to town, this TV programme was always going to be a hit for him!
So armed with his sponge spanner he was ready for the 3-2-1 Activate chant!
He now has great plans for making a robot with his dad and has a list of names and attack moves already!
Teen One and I amused ourselves whilst it was on...waiting for the next programme...Dragons Den.
Once Teen One was taken to work, it was time to see my Monday Recycled Teenager, and then do our usual trip to Morrisons.
I have long wondered about buying spiraliser and seeing this one on special offer at Lakeland was seriously thinking about today when I saw Morrisons had veggies already spiralled, I thought I would try some first and see what the family thought of it.
Hubby will have no problem with it at all...but it wont replace carbs for him...he will look at his plate and then ask me where the "stodge" is!!
After lunch, Teen Two and I headed down to the Lake for our One Man Conservation Team work out.
For some reason, this time we had an endless amount of wet wipes to pull out.
We pulled out another black bin bag well as some larger items which went straight in the bin.
A number of little kiddies were interested in what we were doing and followed us around...maybe they thought we were treasure hunters!
Some parents who were with their kiddies gave them a little talk on conservation and how it wasn't good to throw rubbish in the maybe our little exercise will have a knock on effect on one or two lives...its all about the ones and two's isn't it and just one person can make a difference.
The owner of the café, who had offered to sponser Teen Two had urged us to make ourselves known the next time we were down.
So after today's clear up we went to the café...and very nice it is too!
I rather like the look of several of the items on the menu and think Teen One will too!
He was unfortunately due on the tennis court as we arrived, but shook our hands, apologised for being busy but called over to a member of staff and told them to give us an ice cream on the house!
So we both sat down and enjoyed a salted caramel ice cream....very nice it was too!
We had intended visiting the nearby natural history museum. Its free to go in and has a live bee hive...we have yet to spot the queen, but were going to give it another go.
They also have a butterfly house...although Teen Two isn't keen on the heat in there,we were going to spend a quick few moments admiring the graceful insects flutter around us.
Unfortunately it is closed on Mondays!
Once home, being able to park outside our house for the first time in ages, we made the most of it and cleaned the car.
It was long overdue and I was started to  feel embarrassed whenever my neighbours son came to call... I would hate him to think I was slacking on standards!
Finally...we have some exciting news!
I had a phone call today from the dear old lady from church to say the "hedgehog lady" had some babies in...and did we want to go and see them!
Do we?????
I have never seen a hedgehog in my life...and of course neither have the Teens, so I am reeeeeally excited!
So much so, I might not be able to sleep tonight!!
We are going tomorrow I am hoping we will be able to get some photos, and maybe even hold one!
I am hoping to get another tea cosy made tonight and will take along the other items I have been making...and hopefully not return with more wool!
Today's Psalm:   ...weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

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