Friday, 8 July 2016

"Mum....I've Got Something To Tell You!!"

Last night I had hoped to sew up some preemie hats I had knitted in the winter, but I was just too tired, so today when I needed some down time I cracked on with the job.
I thought I had made loads...seems like its only a dozen!
These are destined for the Neonatal Knitters in Ashton Under Lyne.
I hope to get more done throughout the year.
This morning Teen Two set the gerbils playpen out....
...whilst he cleaned out their tank.
I cracked on with the usual chores and came up with the bright idea that when Hubby came home he could finally pull up the old lino.
We had discovered a leak under the dishwasher some time ago, so  before he starts to sand down the floorboards I wanted the boards to be dry.
What we hadn't realised was the floorboards don't go right up to the sink...originally quarry tiles were there, but at some point have broken and been cemented over. usual, a medium sized job is turning into a mammoth one!
We were going to have laminate flooring down....but cant as the oven sits right on the floor under the work  laminate would not allow the oven door to open!
I priced up some vinyl in the week....mega expensive and easily ripped when the dishwasher is removed for repairs ( which eventually will happen to the new one no doubt of that!)
So short of ripping out the whole kitchen and starting again (not a serious option) we will have to sand the floorboards...which will hopefully give a more modern finish to our slightly dated kitchen.
We are committed to it now, with the lino partially ripped...and I expect it will take longer than we envisaged and be messier than I expected!
I suspect poor Hubby could probably think of better things to do with his day off as well!
Our story at Friday Club tonight was Naaman the leper.
Inspired by some online activities ( link to follow) we used paper cups, lollipop sticks and a cut out of Naaman, with a slit on the bottom of the up Naaman was able to dip( seven times of course) in the "river Jordan."
The children decorated the outside with fish, seaweed etc to represent the river.
They all enjoyed it.
Now then....on to the title of today's blog!
Last night I cut both Hubby's and Teen Two's hair, using the trimmers.
They were playing up a bit, but after a tweak from Hubby were sorted.
Teen Two made a comment that I could use his electric shaver
"Not really, they are for your face not anything else" I said.
Today I had promised to drop him off at the  gym and suggested he change into shorts as it was getting very warm.
As he went upstairs he hovered a bit...
"Mum....I have something to tell you.." heart stopped beating for a milli second....something to tell me???
I don't usually like conversations that start like that!
" I don't really know how to tell you...."
Oh my oh heart was really doing loop the loops...
" I've been trying to tell you all day, but didn't know how to tell you....."
"I shaved my legs!"
Boy did I have to stifle the laugh I wanted to burst into!!
"Oh...did you..." I said smiling
I could see the relief on his face.
"I have been worried all day about it...I wondered what you would say!" He said with huge relief his big secret was now in the open!
"Well don't ever worry about telling us anything" I said.
"But what made you do it" I asked
"Well you know me...I like to experiment with gadgets and then I got worried when you said last night it was only for faces!"
I had wondered if he had seen some sleek shaven  bods at the gym...maybe he has...but he has decided he probably wont be doing it again.

I got him to show me and to be honest I don't even know if I would have noticed!
Kids...they do make you laugh don't they!
I don't even know what was going through my mind as the conversation opened....but it certainly wasn't anything to do with leg shaving...and I am so thankful that's all it was!
Friday July 8, 2016
Today's Proverb:
   Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it.



  1. thank you for giving me such a laugh!

  2. Have you thought about vinyl floor tiles - would be easy to replace if torn?

    1. nope hadn't thought of that....but the man of the house has spent the morning preparing the floor for sanding so think we will just keep quiet about that suggestion now!