Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Making A List And Checking It Twice

Today I was going to be "confined to barracks" as the new dishwasher was due to be delivered.
I wanted to make the most of not being able to go out and made myself a list of things I really wanted to get done...and anything else was going to be a bonus.
I started off by putting joint of pork in the slow cooker, to make into pulled pork later in the day for dinner.
I then got on with the job I really did not want to the oven!
It really  is one of my least favourite jobs, but as my oven is used every day its something I cant avoid.
When a space became available outside the house, I ticked the next job off the the nice to see it all shiny again!
I then felt in need of a sitting down cracked on with the Sleeping Hedgehogs.
I hope to give them to one of my Recycled Teenagers tomorrow, to pass on to her neighbour who runs the rescue centre.
Teen One made these labels for me last night, just in case anyone was in doubt as to what they were supposed to be!
Teen Two took the bottles to the bottle bank....another item ticked off the list....
...and whilst this wasn't on my to do list today, it has been in the back of my mind for a few weeks....
washing Teen Two's old bike....
...and then making a For Sale sign to display in the window.
The bike and sign are now in the front room window and I hope someone takes it off our hands...we have managed to sell all the other bikes this way over the bonus of living opposite the school...lots of folks going by!
I had a mound of paper work piling up that needed filing...I always say when I have done it  "don't let it get that bad again...file it as it comes into the house!"
But that only lasts a few weeks...then I start piling it in the basket, intending to do it "in a minute" but before I know it the pile is humongous again!!
The dishwasher arrived and is now awaiting hubby plumbing it in...unlikely to happen today though, so one more day of washing up for me!
It's been a really warm day, and I am thrilled that I didn't  deviate from my intentions ( the garden sofa under the gazebo was really calling to me around 2pm!) and have managed to tick off all but one thing from the list.
The black bananas are going to have to go a little blacker for now, I have run out of energy!
Wednesday July 6, 2016
Today's Verse:
   The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.


  1. Phew!!!!! I think I need a rest now after reading your blog. Quite an achievement. Well done. Xxxxxx

  2. Well done - a list maker after my own heart!