Sunday, 24 July 2016

Has It Really Been A Year?

Today was of course Church in the morning, followed by our Family Service and Lunch.
Thankfully it wasn't as hot today as it has been...being in the kitchen in all that heat would not have been fun!
We have a two month summer break now...and I am about ready for it I must admit!
Going back to last night...still on my mission to rid the house of yarn...I set to to try and finish the bag of yarn from the "hedgehog lady."
I had an idea to make a simple tea they are quite popular at the moment.
Two squares, nine rounds of a classic granny square was big enough for our standard size teapot.
I joined the edges at the top and bottom of the sides, to allow enough space for the spout and handle to be fed through.
I then single crocheted all the raw edges....
....I made a chain long enough to thread  from four rows down, through the holes and tie into a bow.
It was a perfect fit.
I used both colours of yarn for the make it blend in more.
This afternoon I made another one, they are so quick and easy!
Can you spot something in the middle?
Cute isn't he!
I bought this little box of hedgehog pegs yesterday in Tiger.
I really didn't know what I  was going to do with them but couldn't leave them on the shelf!
At the very least, I could give them to the hedgehog lady!
I am going to get Hubby to expertly separate them from the tiny spring inside (cos if I do it I will break the plastic for sure!) and then hot glue it onto the cosy....
...using my new hot glue gun!
It was a fiver in Tiger, I really hope its better than my old one.
Although I have been wondering in recent weeks if my old was (which is a Bostik) is actually ok and its the glue sticks that are rubbish!
A few other happy buys in Tiger included these craft pins.
I find them invaluable for blocking knitting and crochet and never seem to have enough.
For £1 it wasn't worth thinking about the impulse buy.
Another pound buy was this pack of heart shape sponges....although they are for kitchen use, I thought they would be perfect for sponge  print painting with the toddlers on Thursday and even Friday kids club.
This pretty impulse buy was for no other reason other than Teen One fell in love with it ( anything that has strawberries, watermelon or basically any other fruit is always a winner with her!) and it was only £1!
It is glass and looks really pretty on my kitchen window shelf with my red tea pot in the middle.
I usually have a coaster under the tea pot so I don't get a water mark on the oak this has replaced it, but will of course be used for all sorts of other things...I thought it would make a rather pretty cake plate...especially a Victoria Sandwich with strawberries in the middle!
When we went to church I left a carrier bag in the porch with a couple of unwanted picture frames, which a lady from Facebook freelygiven was coming to collect.
When we came home, I was expecting to see the carrier gone...and indeed it was...but I wasn't expecting a carrier in its place!
It was full of lavender!
Hmmm...what a lovely smell!
As soon as I opened it I realised it was from my neighbour's son and not the Facebook lady.
It doesn't seem like a year that he was giving lavender and I was googling things to make with it!
Last year I spent ages tying it, drying it, de-heading was a lengthy process and I still have a lot left from this time I am just going to keep it in jars around the house, with the lids off, so I can enjoy the aroma and see the pretty colours through the jar, then when its lost its colour and scent I can just dispose of it...knowing it will very soon be lavender time again!
Sunday July 24, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace.

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