Saturday, 16 July 2016

Appreciating The Simple Things Of Life.

You would think that after yesterday's hectic day I would sleep like a log....but no...I woke several times and eventually at 5am was wide awake!
I lay there for about half an hour and then decided it looked so lovely out, I may as well get on with the day!
So, at 6am I was out cleaning the back windows, emptied the dishwasher, had a cuppa and caught up with 24hrs in A&E, sewed in the ends of the crochet dolly blankets I had made in the week, and would have caught up with one or two more chores, but Hubby came down soon after 7am wondering what I was up to, so it was back to bed with a cuppa and a catch up with things online.
I decided to make the most of being up early and make a trip to the dump, which is usually best avoided at weekends!
I still have a few bags of soil left but we are almost there!
Teen Two cut the grass for me...and as you can see by the bald patches, the Round up "grass friendly" weed killer is killing off patches sadly.
Whilst the lawn mower was out I popped next door and cut their grass. There is a Sold sign outside now, but I thought I would keep the garden as tidy as I could until the keys need to be handed over.
In this season it doesn't take long for grass and weeds to get out of control!
Hubby spent a lot of the day making a second fence...
...ably helped by Teen Two...
...who enjoyed nailing in the slats as well as the sawing.
So instead of this...
...we now have this...privacy restored!
It was such a lovely day we had lunch out under the gazebo for the first time this summer...
...then afterwards, Teen one sat and studied the Highway Code...
...whilst I embarked on a new crochet project.
I had forgotten the "hedgehog lady" had given me this assortment of wool and I am in the mood for clearing some of the stash in the this is destined to be a cushion I think.
It was going to be a blanket but I am not sure there is enough, so as I have a new cushion filler I think I will use that for her to sell and maybe make some more pom pom hedgehogs with the left over.
There was a gentle breeze in the garden, making it the cooler option for the afternoon, even Milly and Crystal decided to abandon the heat of the conservatory and take shade under the swing seat.
We had promised ourselves that when the fence was finished, we would salvage what was left of the day and go for a walk in the glorious sunshine.
We thought the beach might be too busy, so went out of town to complete a canal walk we started a few weeks ago.
This time we saw a couple of pleasure cruisers... the distance you can just make out Chichester Cathedral, and this is the spot  where Turner painted his famous picture of the cathedral.
No doubt there weren't over head electric cables in his day!

The information boards along the path are very useful and reminded us its not far off two hundred years since he painted the picture.
It was a shorter walk than last time and very easy walking, but not so much wildlife...
...but  a little tea shop where we could indulge in a much needed drink before heading back again.
Teen One tried her hand at being a butterfly briefly!
We did manage to see a little family of coots, although even throwing bird food didn't encourage the babies to brave it across to the side of the bank we were on.
But the teenage cygnets weren't so shy!
It's been a very fruitful day, one way or another and so lovely to be able to spend it together.
With so much trouble in so many parts of the world over the past few days, we feel so blessed to  enjoy family time together, something we should never take for granted.
Saturday July 16, 2016
Today's Promise:
   ...the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.


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