Friday, 1 July 2016

"Daddy...Do You Love Me?"

This morning started by a prearranged meeting with a friend of Teen One's to collect 19 books, for the princely sum of over £150!
They are from a friend who has just finished the Primary Ed course Teen One is about to start and the bag contains most of the books she will need, at around half the price had she bought them new.
She has used almost all her birthday money on well spent I would say, if not the most exciting thing to buy they are most certainly the wisest of buys.
I have to confess to having a browse through some of them myself and will be sneaking one or two away as they looked like interesting reading.
I think we now need to declutter a book shelf so she will have space to keep them all...and I imagine this won't be the last lot of books she is expected to buy.
After a quick shopping trip to Lidl, whilst unpacking the shopping I saw my neighbours son was waiting outside the gate, awaiting the arrival of a van to take away the contents of the garage.
It took them most of the morning to empty it...and I kept them well supplied with mugs of tea throughout the morning.
I must say, it was very sad to see the life time collection of "might come in handy one day" items being piled higher and higher, then taken away to be disposed of.
Later in the afternoon the Red Cross came with a van to take the remnants of the furniture.
I went in and vacuumed when they had all gone, although they do need to make a second visit next week, it was sad to see the house so empty.
Our story at Friday Club was Elisha and the Shunemite woman who had a room built for when Elisha visited.
For the activity I used the Lego moulds I had prepared yesterday, but assured the children the room would have been made with real bricks not Lego ones!
Whilst clearing up I saw this note, written by one of the children.... I don't know what the story behind it was, but was rather touched that after we had spoken about our need to say sorry to God for   our sins, he had a little prick of the conscience over a fall out at home.
It clearly worried him....just check out that last line ...." you love me?"
Let's hope the parents heart melted as much as mine did when I read it!
He really is a sweet little boy, very polite and of course with a hint of mischief about him,
I hope his apology has been accepted and they can start the weekend off on a good note.
Friday July 1, 2016
Today's Verse:
   For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.

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