Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Cups Of Tea and Being A Friend

This morning started with baking a cake ( as usual!) for my friend.
She is hoping to return to work next month so my Tuesday baking sessions are numbered.
But before we went to see my friend, I took an old work colleague out for coffee.
She is almost eighty, and has been very faithful at remembering the Teens birthdays, as well as being generous at Christmas too, so once a year I like to take her out somewhere different.
Today, from the options I suggested, she chose my favourite Tea Pavillion out in the country.
They do the most delicious scones which are always served warm
We had a lovely catch up and of course went back over the years to when we used to work together.
This cheeky robin came bobbing in as we chatted...having found some crumbs on the floor he then bobbed back out again!
In the same grounds as the Tea rooms is a garden centre, which I had always assumed was part of the same business, but today we noticed a new café has opened up in the garden centre itself....whilst it looks lovely...I was a little concerned that it wont be possible for both places to keep afloat and am sad to think my favourite tea rooms may be under threat.
I can only assume there has been some kind of falling out, somewhere along the lines, to open the same sort of business right next door to each other seems down right daft.
We shall have to wait and see what happens.
Whilst I was out with my old colleague, the Teens went to see Grandma.
I had suggested Teen Two take Rummikub round one day, as Grandma really loves this game, and she asked if he would be up to mowing the lawn for her sometime.
So today was the day, he even got some pocket money for his hard labours.
Teen One also went, as her school placement is now over, so Grandma was able to enjoy the rare treat of their company without me tagging along!
Early afternoon we went round to see my friend, taking the cake with her.
Her granddaughter wasn't home this time, which was a little sad as we do love to see her, but we had a nice couple of hours relaxing and chatting of course.
On the way home the heavens opened and my line of washing is now wetter than when it went out!
I started dinner, which was a new recipe from my "quick and easy" booklet,
Bacon and pea risotto.
I added a splash of white wine as I didn't have enough stock and replaced parmesan with cheddar.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.
It was quick simple and cheap to make so will definitely be on the menu again.
Part way through cooking it a friend popped in, so time for yet another cuppa and the third catch up of the day!
With dinner over, it was time to take Teen Two to his sports club, then get on with clearing the kitchen and of course blog time....but just as I was getting started the phone went, the friend we saw in the early afternoon was in tears....her mum was in A&E and the family had been told to gather as she was not expected to see the night out.
Would I do her a huge favour and collect her daughter, then look after the granddaughter.
Well of course that would be a pleasure not a favour, so Teen One (fresh from the bath) threw on a  onesie and off we went.
But when we got to the house, the granddad had said he would look after the baby....well the mum is not too confident in his ability to soothe the babe, so is under strict instructions to call us if she cries.
Teen One and I were of course secretly disappointed we weren't going to be doing a spot of babysitting, and are hoping, rather naughtily, that babe will make a fuss and we will be called to go to the rescue...but I don't see that happening really!
It is of course a sad  time for my friend.
Her mum has not been well, so this is not a total surprise, but still a little unexpected.
Later tonight I am playing Good Samaritan to a Sunday school child who is in the school play and her mum put out an SOS to collect her at 9.30 as the dad is at work and she doesn't drive.
None of her friends responded so I said I would be happy to do it, tonight and tomorrow night.
It's always good to help those who need it, when you are in the position to do so don't you think?
Isn't that part of being a friend?
Tuesday July 12, 2016
Today's Verse:
   O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!


  1. I remember the Tea Pavilion - very nice!! Shame about your friends Mum, hopefully she is not in pain. Well done on the 'favour'. Its always good to help. xxxxxx

  2. I am appreciating the "what goes around comes around"!