Wednesday, 20 July 2016

An Offer Of Sponsership For Teen Two!

Last night I found it impossible to sleep with the heat, even going up to the attic bedroom with the dormer windows wide open only brought moderate relief from the this morning I was not in the mood for an early start, but we had Little Missy for the day again, so there was no choice.
We decided to go to a car boot sale, which is held on a nearby beach.
Like yesterday, I packed a picnic and we took towels and bathers etc.
The weather however was cloudy and COLD!
We all did well at the boot sale, I found a stall selling new teaspoons...12 for £1!
We always seem to lose teaspoons ( in the bin no doubt) and I have been looking for some cheap ones...these are lovely and smooth too, sometimes cheap ones can have rough edges I find.
Teen Two found some Lego figures, and Teen One found a stall selling phone covers.
Hers broke last week so when she saw these for £2 she fell in love with them!
She was always a Disney Princess fan and I miss those days!
I did however assume they must be seconds as Snow White was obviously looking at something but there was nothing there. But for £2 it didn't really matter....

...but silly me...when the phone is put in the cover, the apple logo is positioned perfectly in Snow White's hand!
I LOVE it!
We also bought huge slices of lemon bakewell from a home made stall...I have bought from the lady before and her bakes are always lovely.
Only 50p a slice, not bad aye.
The grey clouds and high winds didn't show any side of subsiding, so the girls took shelter in the pop up was really really cold!
Teen Two decided to throw some stones in the sea...always popular.
Little Missy eventually decided to join him...
...but Teen One stayed with me...trying to warm herself up with a tablecloth wrapped round her!
But what do you think? The sun started to make an appearance!
So Teen Two braved the water...he loved the high waves the strong winds were creating and enjoyed getting knocked over by them..
...and of course whatever Teen Two enjoys doing, Little Missy wants to join in!
The biggest fun for her was that I suggested she do it in her clothes!!
She didn't have the forethought to wear her bathers underneath and with the high winds there was no way we were going to get her out of her playsuit with her modesty intact!
When Little Missy went home, Teen Two wanted to do another litter pick at the lake.
Several people watched with obvious admiration and one elderly couple asked if he was volunteering.....his language disorder came into play unfortunately and he wasn't sure what volunteer just said something like "I only started yesterday"
So I am wondering if the couple went away wondering if he was doing some sort of youth offenders community service!
I have explained what volunteer means and given some suggestions for future replies.
Last night I emailed some local organisations, asking if they knew who was responsible for the lake.
A local café owner replied today saying how thrilled he was Teen Two had taken it upon himself to do this and has offered some help in the form of sponsorship to supply t shirts, equipment etc!
How marvellous!
I have thanked him very much and said  I will do some more investigating first and then get back to him.
There are several things to think to tackle the rubbish in the middle...maybe the local pedalo company would lend Teen Two one....or would wading be easier ( its not deep) but then would an official person come along and tell him off for being in there?
How safe is it in there...broken glass/sharps etc.
So, I will carry on my research and then see what we find out.
But I am thrilled with the initial positive response!
Maybe we will get free coffee! That would be good!
Wednesday July 20, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   Shew me thy ways, O LORD; teach me thy paths. Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.


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  2. JD me20 July 2016 at 16:55

    How fantastic is that!! Well done Teen Two. Xxxx

  3. Oooops!!! Haven't done that in a while!

  4. well done to teen 2 - am envious of the cold weather though x