Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A Wonderful Array Of Hedgehogs!

Last night, I finished off a couple more tea cosies ahead of meeting the "hedgehog lady."
I had wanted to label them with the size of teapot they would fit (hopefully the most common one!)
so went through my stash of "stuff" and found some old wrapping paper, brown labels and twine, which was perfect.

I managed to take apart the hedgehog pegs myself ( brave or what!) and hot glued them on to the cushion and tea cosies.
When digging through my carrier bag holder for a bag to put all the items in...look what I found!
Didn't even know I had it, must have come from someone else.
Then the big moment came....meeting the little prickly fellas....or should I say ladies....meet Kendra!
She is a young one ( cant remember how old the lady said) and was so inquisitive!
The Teens were in awe of these amazing creatures...it really was a special moment.
I was so happy they were able to have this opportunity...it took  me 53 years to see one....they have beaten me by many years!
Then joy of joy the babies were awake and not huddled with their mother...so we were allowed a hold of them too!
This one appears to be smiling don't you think!
Whenever a new scent is on their skin they "self anoint" themselves...no one knows why, but it was amazing to see.
This really will be
the highlight of the summer for us I think!
I am thrilled we were privileged to meet them.
If you are interested in hedgehog preservation, here are some useful links:
With our little treat over, I asked the dear old lady who had organised it for me if she would like to visit the new M&S that opened last week.
I was delighted when she said yes!
So we mooched through the food hall and chose one or two unusual things for an al fresco lunch.
The vegetable dips were lovely.
We enjoyed them whilst overlooking the local harbour.
It was a little windy, but we braved it outside and the Teens enjoyed the sundaes they had chosen.
I was the model of  goodness and chose these Rosemary and Apricot toasts to munch on instead.
Being a lover of seeds and dried fruits I did enjoy these...although some cream cheese would have really gone down a treat....but that would have made my halo slip somewhat!
Teen Two enjoyed throwing some stones in...
...and found a number of large rocks that made a wonderful ka-splosh when hitting the water.
We had an excellent view of one of the Mulberry Harbours, which were built for the D Day Landings.
This one broke so never made it and has been here ever since.
The beach was a carpet of slipper limpets...we always have a lot of these on our local beaches, but I have never seen so many! The entire area was covered in them with not a pebble in sight!
Teen One had made arrangements to meet her friends about a mile away, so after lunch I dropped her off, and Teen Two and I made the most of being near the Natural History Museum and went in search of the Queen Bee....
...we have been here several times before and never found her...but today was THE day!
Here she is with a white dot on her head.
It is fascinating to watch these buzzy creatures at work, and we are so fortunate to have this facility free to visit on our doorstep.
Something the Teens have enjoyed since being Tots is using the microscopes at the museum.
Teen One always looked at the feathers and stones, Teen Two always chose the tarantula fangs and scorpions...and no prizes for guessing what he is looking at here!
With the afternoon still young, we headed for the public gym...this step machine really is a hit and I had to end Teen Two's fun before he pulled a muscle!
He is going to ache tomorrow!
Once home I was ready for a sit down and some ice cream to cool down.
I read through the pamphlets the Hedgehog lady had given me.
I now feel very educated on the subject!
Dinner was left overs....yes on a Tuesday!
We had an entire pack of cooked beef burgers left over from the family service on Sunday....just too many to just throw away.
I know technically we are advised to not re heat burgers, but based on the knowledge these were fresh before they were cooked on Sunday...and I would reheat cooked beef quite happily...this is just the same...so long as I get the reheated burgers up to the required 75degrees there shouldn't be a problem.
In fact they were cooked to almost 90 as it happened!
So....with that "apologetic" for breaking food safety rules...this is what I did.
Blitzed up the burgers and made up some fresh gravy to mix in, put it all in the bottom of a large dish...
...added the dish full of left over veggies...also from Sunday....
...covered the veggies with a layer of grated cheese....
...topped with fresh mashed potatoes and more cheese.
I wasn't sure what to call it when the Teens said "what's for dinner?"
I came up with "Double Cheese Burger Pie!"
Double cheese ( not double burger as they had thought) and pie as in Cottage pie.
I have to confess it was very tasty indeed!
Just after I had popped it in the oven Teen One sent a text asking for a lift and I have now just dropped Teen Two off at Sports club....I feel like I have been in and out of the car most of the day....but looking back at the pictures I guess we have covered rather a lot of ground today!
Tuesday July 26, 2016
Today's Verse:
   Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.


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