Monday, 13 June 2016

What No Leftovers?!

Today was not a very cheery start to the day...gloomy skies and plenty of drizzle.
Being humid, it wasn't much fun having to wear a coat to keep dry!
Teen Two didn't need to be in school until this afternoon, so he tagged along with me to see my Monday Recycled Teenager.
She has the results of her cancer treatment tomorrow, so we are praying its good news.
We then went to Morrison's, where our local  branch has a portakabin style pharmacy.
I popped in there first to get some hayfever relief for Teen One.
She has found the Pirinase  nose spray works best, which wasn't in the supermarket the last time I looked so hence my visit to the Pharmacy.
It was £6.98 a bottle, a bit pricey but if it works, its worth it.
Imagine my shock when I saw it ten minutes later in Morrison's itself, special offer £5!
Now I am not going to be robbed of a penny, let alone nearly two pounds!
So I bought the £5 bottle then went back to the pharmacy after I had paid for my trolley load.
They were very cross that although they are Morrison's Pharmacy...they are being treated like the "poor relation" and not included in the special offers.
They SHOULD of course have been the same price, but somehow a glitch in the system isn't following through.
At one point the entire team from the pharmacy was out ( and its a tiny building!) discussing my bottle of hay fever relief, examining the receipts...making known their opinion on this sorry matter!
One assistant even took the bottle and said "I'm going to look for myself!"
I don't think for one minute my word was in doubt...I did after all have the receipt, and thankfully someone eventually remembered why I was get a refund!
So...when using supermarket pharmacies, make sure you check the prices!
When we finally arrived home, Postie had been and left us a is the free gift from Compare the came much quicker than our last one I must say!
Teen Two is delighted with the addition to his already very large soft toy collection!
Teen One had a driving lesson and her instructor asked if she had been practising in the week...such was the improvement in her skills!
She said she hadn't, and was it safe for her to go out without dual controls and he said yes!
So, we shall bite the bullet tomorrow and give her a go!
I loaded the Clio up with more bags of soil and some old furniture, then having dropped Teen Two off to school, I went to the dump, those men are going to start recognising me!
For dinner tonight I fancied something different, so blitzed up some wholemeal breadcrumbs, added the rind of a lemon along with some herbs and black pepper.
To continue the herb theme I lightly coated chicken breasts with basil infused olive oil, then coated each breast with the breadcrumb mixture...
...drizzled a little more of the oil on the chicken, then cooked for around 40minutes.
Everyone enjoyed the lemon and herb crust, served with roasted sweet potato, asparagus, carrots and roast baby plum tomatoes, it was a tasty Monday meal....which is usually a left over meal in this household, but I fed more mouths than usual yesterday so (thankfully) there were no leftovers!
Daily Blessing
Monday June 13, 2016
Today's Verse:
   Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another.


  1. Wouldn't believe the prices would be different would you. I'll certainly check next time I have to use the pharmacy. No gifts from next door today? Xxx

    1. Funny you should say that...when Hubby came home I said "I saw next door twice today and managed not to bring anything back in the house!" x