Sunday, 19 June 2016

Going Back In Time!

This morning was church as usual, usual by a roast dinner, but then things were a little different!
Grandma brought round a folder full of genealogy paperwork, which her late brother had spent many years researching.
One of her relatives ( and so of course also my Hubby's and Teens blood relatives) was a professor of music.
He wrote this piece and named it after his wife....
...he wrote other pieces, I have no idea how many, but named at least one more after his eldest daughter.
He died in Australia (where he was sent for his health!) and a piece of his music is inscribed on his gravestone.

Teen One attempted to play one of his was rather surreal thinking about how old the piece was....almost 200 years old....and here was his great x 4 granddaughter playing it!
Grandma's brother and sent a piece of the music to Nigel Ogden, BBC organist, who kindly played and recorded it some years ago.
We listened to it this did make me smile, it was rather like something you would hear on a Wallace and Gromit film!
It was very interesting to learn of a life lived so many years ago, and yet  closely connected to ourselves.
Maybe one day we will be able to visit the grave in Australia for ourselves.
Another change to our usual routine was, we didn't have a game of Scrabble!!
Instead Grandma showed us how to play Rummikub.
She has always enjoyed this game, and the other week my neighbour's son gave us the game, which his parents appeared to have never played.
We had great fun and Teen Two was particularly good at fact he thoroughly enjoyed himself, taking apart some of the runs, making new ones, working out how he could make changes etc.
This was so much more his kind of game than Scrabble!
For tea I made some dropped scones...I added a few sliced strawberries to some of them....very yum indeed!
They are very easy to make and all sorts of fruits can be added...I particularly love fresh blueberries... and of course sultanas are perfect
The recipe is available here from Be-Ro
Today is of course Father's Day, and naturally the Teens made a card each.
It also would have been my Grandmother's birthday.
For some reason I was convinced it would have been her 100th she would have loved getting a card from the Queen!
But when I checked on her certificate she was born in 1915 not I am a year out!
I was sure she was born in 1916 but evidently I am wrong...I now feel I need to go and check her headstone to make sure I got the year right for that!
How life has changed since she was born 101 years her family has grown and how blessed we all, through decisions she and my grandfather made. How very different our lives could have been had they not made certain decisions in their lives, and the same goes for 4 x great granddad who we learnt of today....decisions we make in our lives will affect those who follow's something to think about as we walk our daily walk isn't it?
After tea it was church again, and listening to a 60year old man who has suffered with mental health issues all his life, and felt stigmatised for it all his life, makes me very grateful for the physical and mental health I have...we should never take either for granted.
Sunday June 19, 2016
Today's Promise:
   And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.


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