Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Patient Gardener!

Today was our Family Service at church, always a busy morning for me, but a phone call at 9am this morning made it even busier!
One of our ladies at church wasn't able to come and as she usually brings quite a lot of food, I had to quickly rustle a few extra things up.
By 11am I had made a sausage casserole, tuna and cheese pasta, spicy chicken pasta...
...bread and butter pudding and Elijah bread.
I already had a lot of fresh fruit and ice cream, and also took along a tin of rice as back up.
Thankfully we had one family down so there was more than enough food in the end and we even have leftovers for the next day or two!
Just after we moved to this house, over 22 years ago, I was given a Philidelphus  plant.
For years it hasn't done anything other than grow very tall stems and occasionally one or two flowers.
This year however it is absolutely full of buds and coming out in beautiful flowers!
I don't know why it has suddenly blossomed into life after all these years!
But I am delighted it has.
I couldn't resist bringing a little of it into the house. With the weather so atrocious at the moment we aren't able to sit out and enjoy the flowers, so I thought I would bring the outside inside!
I am so glad I didn't dig it up, which I had intended to do a while back!
This afternoon I must confess to forty winks on the sofa and not a scrap of crafting!
Tomorrow Teen One starts her placement at a local she hasn't been to before so that will be an experience.
She has a list of things she has to achieve during her time there, it all looks really interesting and she is looking forward to the next couple of weeks.
Sunday June 26, 2016
Today's Verse:
   Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.



  1. Poor old you, having to make so much extra food. I wonder how many people realise all the work that goes on behind the scenes!! What a beautiful plant, quite special. Looking forward to hearing how teen one gets on tomorrow!!!xxxxx,

    1. Some folk are funny aren't they...if I wasn't able to go I would still provide the food I normally would prepare...and would have given more notice ( she wasn't unwell, just didn't want to go shopping in the rain the day before..dont blame her on that one it was awful!)As you say, some folk have no idea!

  2. As you say - I certainly would have given more notice if I wasn't well - well done on coping though! Hope that Teen one enjoys her experience.