Sunday, 5 June 2016

The Highs and Lows Of Making a Hidden Surprise Rainbow Cake!

Today being Sunday was the usual, church, roast dinner, Scrabble with Grandma etc.
We did also have our preacher come for I made the extra effort and had it up to the table, with a cloth, napkins and proper tea set!
But today, I thought I would share with the how I made the rainbow cake for Teen One's birthday.
Before I do, I just thought I would let you know about this great ebayer I found for the cake topper.
There are various styles and colours, I really like this style and there is no other colour for Teen One but pink.
The order came in two days...I was very impressed indeed.
It's a shame it wont be reused of course, but its a lovely momento of her day for her to keep anyway.
At £15 I didn't think that was too bad for a quality bespoke item.
I would definitely buy from this person again and love the uniqueness of the topper.
So, onto the  was certainly  a colourful affair!
I have tried to make brightly coloured cakes before for the Teens...but they have lacked the brilliance that I managed to achieve this time round and I think I have discovered what I was doing wrong!
I need to confess at this point, that it was infact a packet mix....and I NEVER used packet mixes!
I by far prefer the taste and texture of home made cakes, but we had bought this in the States and it was made by Ace of Cakes, which we enjoy watching on the TV.
I didn't buy it for Teen One's birthday, but as the day approached I thought it would be good use of it.
So, this is where I think I was always going wrong.
The instructions said to add the "white cake mix" I didn't think too much of it at the time...but then when it said to add egg whites...I thought...what about the yolks??
Then the penny dropped....having a white cake batter meant the food colouring really came out bold.
Usually the cake mixture is creamy no wonder I was never managing to achieve that lovely brightness.
With the bowls of various colours all lined up ( the purple didn't look too hopeful but turned out ok!)
it was time to put it in the pans.... I was making this three layered ( for the hidden surprise factor) I guesstimated a third of each colour each time spooned it out.
I started with the order of the rainbow in the first tin... goes a third of the red...leave it to settle, then add a third of the orange right on top of the red...leave to settle, add a third of the yellow right on top of the orange...and so it goes on.
For tin number two and three I used a different order so as to give the cake a real multi coloured effect when it was cut into.
The secret is NOT to smooth out the batter in between colours...just let them find their natural level and then add the next one straight on top.
Don't smooth the last layer either...if its really uneven just give the tin a little jiggle.
Now came the problem....I am not used to using packet hadn't anticipated how weak the structure of the sponge would be.
For making the hidden surprise (jelly beans) I cut out too circles from two of the layers....put them on the cake board...which in a mad moment I had decided would look better covered in fondant ( more of that bad decision later!)
The problem I added the jelly beans...the sponge started to break in half with the weight !
Well a bit of buttercream and a liberal spreading for the final layer sorted the problem out...but did of course make for a rather crumbly slice when it was eventually cut!
The reason I regretted using white fondant on the board was, when covering the cake, it was impossible to keep my hands from touching the sponge and then the strong colours transferred onto my hands and onto the white fondant!
Then when trimming the fondant at the base of the cake, as the excess came away, no matter how careful I was, brightly coloured crumbs attached themselves on the icing and then dropped off onto the iced board!
The whole thing was a messy nightmare!!
I managed to cover most of it up with strategically placed ribbon and cascading flowers!!
I guess it was too much of an ask to do three new things in one cake (packet, rainbow and hidden surprise) and not expect some hiccups along the way.
But one seemed to if you don't tell anyone, neither will I!
Daily Blessing
Sunday June 5, 2016
Today's Proverb:
   Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.


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  1. Oh dear what a hassle!!!. However it was worth it for a special birthday.xxxxx