Saturday, 11 June 2016

Robots, Re-Purposing and Some Sticky Fun Inbetween!

This morning we had a perfect start to the waking early to the sound of the alarm or magpies!
By the time I woke up it was almost 8am!
What a treat to wake up so late and then indulge in a cuppa in bed!
Hubby and Teen Two were setting off for Guildford this morning for one of Teen Two's favourite annual events...the live tour of Robot Wars!
As the show started at noon, it was tricky thinking about lunch, so I treated them to a cooked breakfast to keep them going!
Teen Two's eyes nearly popped out of his head...he loves this sort of breakfast but they are reserved for VERY SPECIAL OCCASIONS!
Part of the show involves the audience shouting 3-2-1 ACTIVATE! Then the chaos ensues I understand!
Teen Two bought himself this to wave in the air...what fun...but not my sort of fun!
Teen One and I had much more fun going to a First Birthday Party!
"Little Princess" always makes a bee line for Teen One.
The cake was lovely...
...and tasted lovely too...
...the little ones had mini cupcakes instead...
...and got themselves into a lovely sticky mess!
When we got home, my neighbour's son came in ( as usual) with all sorts of suggestions of things I "might like!"
We already have a very full up house and am forever downsizing...but stuff seems to come in quicker than it goes out...ever had that feeling!
Some things however are hard to say no to.
There were several decanters on offer...but not being drinkers  they aren't of any interest or use to us...or so I thought!
When I saw this one I rather like the shape, and remembered that our friends in the US collect pretty decanters to store their mouth wash in!
It looks so pretty in their bathrooms.
Now I don't have the lovely large washstands to display ours on, but I did think it looked nicer than in the plastic bottle on the window sill!
The slim white cupboard was also from next door, and has transformed our bathroom storage system!
He then asked if I would like a dinner service and tea set.
Well I have more than enough tea sets that don't get used, but only one dinner set, which we use daily.
I rather liked this elegant shape...
...and the delicate colours and design of the pattern...
...its called Noritake... which I had never heard of, but having googled it tonight have learnt it is very high quality:
"Noted as the finest quality china available in Japan, Okura chinaware is a longtime favorite of the Japanese Imperial Household and also features prominently at government banquets with visiting heads of state and other dignitaries" The son said his mum paid over a thousand pounds for it many years ago! I am now wondering if I should say I will have the tea set! Not that this design fetches that sort of money nowadays, but clearly it is higher quality than some I already own!
The next item from next door was one of my bright ideas to streamline our lives a little, but I had no idea was going to be such a headache for Hubby!
We were offered a couple of units, which to be honest aren't really my cup of tea, but faced with this tangle of leads every time I walk into the living room, I wondered if one of the units might transform this ugly sight...and I didn't like the cheap TV stand anyway so what did we have to lose!
The three of us managed to carry this almost solid piece of furniture from next door and then Hubby set to transforming it into something useful for our modern day lives.
Although it seemed very simple to me, just put this here, here and here...the thinking behind how to actually do it was far more complicated!
However...after some comments like "this is going to be a real dogs dinner" and "lets take it back, it'll never work" we managed to get a break through!
When next door, this was filled to capacity with ornaments.
The larger section had glass doors and shelves and was used to store crystal glasses.
We dispensed with the doors and shelves, Hubby drilled two holes in...
...and after a whistle stop trip to Maplins, just before they closed, came home with what he needed to allow the new set up to work (don't ask...I have no idea!) and then threaded the leads through the holes....
..and now we have a wire free viewing....
...with the blue ray, video (yes we STILL have a video!) Wii etc all neatly hidden behind a door...
...and the drinks cabinet is now the perfect place to store Teen Two's Wii games, he even has a little shelf to display his interactive  amibo figures!
And the wire free view as we walk into the living room is much more pleasing!
So this is now my view from the sofa...much easier on the eyes.
Now of course there will be one of two items put thoughtfully on the empty shelves...but I really don't want to overload this area.
It's so lovely to have a stream lined look and the colour of the unit blends in perfectly with the oak panels.
I can't say I have ever loved these panels, but they are part of the original fittings, being hand made by the first owner.
I keep thinking maybe the next owners of the house will love them more than I do, and appreciate the fact we did not rip them out, but left them as part of the history of the house ( the staircase is also made of the same oak) but what's the chances they will just rip it all out anyway!
Oh well...for the mean time it does mean we never have to think about decorating in here, its very easy to upkeep....just dust it now and again!
Daily Blessing
Saturday June 11, 2016
Today's Proverb:
   For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it.


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  1. Wow!!! What a 'filled up' day!!!! You've all had fun and well done hubby looks like a good job