Thursday, 30 June 2016

Remembering Hubby's Dear Auntie

We woke to the news this morning, that a dear Aunt in Australia had passed away after a short illness.
It had been expected, her deterioration in the past week made it obvious to us she was not going to recover.
We had hoped to visit her one day, so are sad this hasn't happened, but we have the assurance of meeting one day in Heaven.
She was married to my husband's uncle but sadly widowed young with four small children.
Despite marrying some time later, she always kept in contact with her English in-laws, and ultimately those of us a bit further down the family tree.
Her second husband is as much an uncle to the family as if he were a blood relative and over the years many of us have developed strong bonds with them both....with the help of the internet.
We will miss her cheery emails, and isn't it amazing to think at 90 she was still driving and emailing!
Breaking the news to Grandma was not easy as she and Auntie were young wives together, and when Auntie was first widowed she came back to the UK initially with the children and lived with Grandma and Grandad.
It was as well we had mother and toddlers this morning as it gave Grandma something to think about.
The plaster cast models went down well....I had imagined the boys would choose the  dinosaurs and the girls the fish....but was the other way round!
One of the grandmas who comes clearly thinks I am cleverer than I am...she asked if she could borrow the tool I used to  carve out the dinosaurs as she would like to make a bigger one for her grandson!!!
It took some explaining that I had used a mould, but I think we got there in the end!
Tomorrow my neighbour's house is going to be completely emptied.
Having been on the market for two days an offer has been made and accepted...and there are still many more viewings lined up!
The son wanted me to take one more walk through the house and make sure there wasn't anything we would like.
I had noticed this little pine stool some time ago and thought it would be rather sweet if it was sanded down.
So this time I decided not to leave it, I can always pass it on if I find it really isn't at all useful.
When I got home with it I wondered where to put it and remembered Teen One hasn't got anything to sit on in her bedroom at the moment.
This is small enough not to get in the way, but I hoped useful enough for things like drying her hair etc.
It looked a little dull as it was, so I wondered what I could do to quickly perk it up....I remembered I had a pile of  berets a friend gave me  some years ago....I found one almost the same shade as Teen One's wall!
I think it will do fine for the time being!
I mentioned to Teen One the new acquisition and she said "great...I needed something to sit on!"
I also brought home a couple of deckchairs and a little coffee table that has drawers can never have too much storage in this house!
I have thrown out the old little coffee table that hubby and I use to put our cuppas on and replaced it with the new one...I wonder if he will notice tonight?
I have also emptied an old mini pine chest of drawers that used to be in the living room....that is destined for  the back hall at church to replace a storage box we keep bits and pieces in...not only will this store things with easier provides a place for a couple of the mums cups to sit.
So...whilst I have brought yet more stuff into the house...I have kept to my rule of taking something out of the house as well.
There are however some things that can come into the house, and not require something else going out ....he does spoil me doesn't he!
He used to buy his mum flowers every week and I seem to have filled that gap in his life now!
Such a thoughtful man.
Thursday June 30, 2016
Today's Promise:
   But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.


  1. Lovely flowers but so sad to hear your news - you are having a run of bad news aren't you? Hope that the new neighbours are nice x

    1. It kind of seems that way doesn't it...but when you consider all the ones we have lost recently have been 90 or over its to be expected and you couldn't wish them to be here any longer with what they were suffering with. x

  2. Sorry to hear your sad news, at least you have some happy memories. Well done on the stool/beret initiative.!!!! xxxx