Saturday, 25 June 2016

Making The Most Of A Wet Summer's Day

Today started with....well what do you think....a cup of tea in bed of course!
So lovely to have a Saturday when we didn't have any place to be at any particular time.
We had the day ahead of us to do with as we wanted, and other than chatting with some family in Australia via Skype, we had no plans.
Our Skype date went well...other than we spent an hour not being able to see them, just hear them!
Then the next half hour seeing them but they couldn't see us!
The wonders of modern technology!
For me the second half was better, I got fed up seeing myself the whole time!
But despite the hiccups, it is still amazing that for "free" we can see and talk to family thousands of miles away.
With the weather being absolutely dreadful, one rain storm after another, it was most definitely a stay at home day.
Hubby got round to a job I have been wanting done for a while, taking off the old plasterboard from the conservatory.
Not only was the wallpaper peeling off ( well it was here when we moved in!) I actually prefer the rustic  look of the bare bricks.
After a light lunch, Hubby then cracked on with  making a new fence...
...I was impressed with how quickly it started to come together...
...and will be so much better than this one which has been repaired so many times over the years and is now beyond it.
Part way through the afternoon I took Hubby a cuppa down to the garage...
...and I was delighted to see that the pile of soil that Teen Two and I have been bagging up for weeks had been collected.
There are still a couple of bags to go and I have a bit more bagging up to do, but not much as you can see!
If only I had discovered the freely given page on Facebook earlier, I could have got rid of it so much easier!
As the couple said "one man's trash is another man's treasure!"
I decided to make the most of having the afternoon to ourselves and crack on with something I had in mind for some time.
Last year I knitted some hedgehogs with some of my wool stash to donate to a local lady who rescues hedgehogs.
She was delighted, and I was equally delighted to have reduced my stash somewhat!
However there was a slight backfiring...she "reimbursed" me with five carrier bags of ....wool!
I really can't use all of it for making more hedgehogs, I just don't have the time, but I thought I would make as many as I could and then use the rest at Friday Club.
The quickest way to use up the wool has been to  make pom poms using the cute set I bought earlier this year.
I asked  Teen One today if she could  design a face for me.... after a few protypes...
...and some raiding of her old bead collection...
...these simple cone shapes started to evolve...
...and we soon had a little collection of Mrs Tiggywinkles!
Its a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of wool I have to use up, but it has started the ball rolling, in this craftless mood I have been in recently!
If you love hedgehogs and fancy knitting  one/some yourself  whilst also helping a worthwhile cause, Cancer Recovery UK here's a free pattern and details of how you can help.
Teen Two's favourite spot for the day has been here, gaming on the Wii...
...but he did take some time out for his favourite little critters...
...and Teen One couldn't resist joining in the fun.
The one job of the day yet to be completed, is moving the filing cabinet from the dining room to the that space here Hubby has been removing the plasterboard.
The drawers have been emptied...but after a treat of a Chinese takeaway, we now don't have the enthusiasm for moving the heavy unit and then putting all the files back...all carefully laid out in order of course!
All in all I guess is been quite a productive day and we have made the most of the wet summer weekend.
Saturday June 25, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   ...weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.


  1. What a shame about the weather you are having!! We have had a glorious day. (Sorry)x. My present husband and I went out today to buy a few bits for a room we have decorated and got some bargains!!! The best one was a 'cube' footstool/seat which was reduced in Dunelm Mill from £49.99 to wait for it - drum roll!! £6.49!!! Very pleased. Well done on everything you have achieved today, you've certainly been busy.xxxxx