Wednesday, 22 June 2016

It's A Small World!

This morning started dank and dreary, rather like the last couple of days.
I had hoped for some cheery weather, so Teen Two and I could take a slow walk round our local pond, check out any this years brood of moorchicks, ducklings, goslings and cygnets on our way to college.
But instead we took the lazy option and went in the car!
We had a meeting with the Additional support leader, who I am relieved to know is very friendly and approachable.
What really impressed me was, she had spotted a glaring error (omission??) on the EHCP....a learning support assistant was not mentioned in any shape or form!
I felt very disappointed with myself for not having seen this.
I scoured the draft time and time again, and even got a friend to check it through, saying "its not so much what provision is mentioned...its what is NOT mentioned" and somehow this basic support was missing.
The lady I met today already had it in hand, and is going to get on to the council to have it amended...we hope there isn't any stalling with the council of course.
In actual fact we are still at the draft stage ( should have been completed months ago, but this has gone in our favour now it seems.)
Teen Two enjoyed his visit, I felt very comfortable with the support offered and we shall now see how things pan out in September.
I guess its true to say the favourite part of the morning for Teen Two was when we checked out the refectory and he saw the huge, freshly made chunks of pizza being put out....the aroma was too much and he started to say he was feeling what's a mum to do but to sort out the hunger!
We then called in to see Grandma, who had told me she needed help putting curtains up, so of course we had to stop for a cuppa didn't we!
Yesterday I was mentioning the amount of topsoil I am currently bagging up from the back of our garage.
Its a hard enough job bagging it up, without the extra effort of taking it to the dump...well it seems I could have saved myself a lot of hard work and petrol!
I noticed a friend had posted an unwanted item on a Facebook Free page for the local uploaded a photo of a table we no longer wanted.
In minutes we had three people interested!
Whilst looking at the sorts of things people give away/ask for I saw topsoil mentioned!
So  I uploaded yesterdays picture and within minutes someone said they wanted it!
Can you believe it, how much trouble could I have saved myself!
So this afternoon Teen Two and I bagged up as much as we could for the lady coming tonight.
She is going to make a couple of trips, so I have asked for the bags back on her return trip so I can fill them up again for her.

Spurred on by the successful recycling of unwanted items I decided to upload a pile of magazines that are passed on to me....lo and behold within minutes a lady asked for them!
She asked for my address and said she would be round in the morning on her way to her son....only turns out he lives two doors away!!
Small world aye!
With school having finished for Teen Two, I had to take him to his Speech and Language therapists clinic, instead of her doing her usual session at school.
With an hour left for me to fill, I did some cross stitch in the car...
...whilst listening to this blackbird sing a lovely song to a nearby lady friend...
...and I may just have eaten one of these freshly baked hot cross buns (yes I June...its ridiculous isn't it!) that I had bought in Asda a few minutes before!
Wednesday June 22, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.

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  1. Another mixed bag of a day!! I have to say you do have variety to your days. Good job that error was spotted. I would have believed you if said that ASDA sell their hot cross buns in packs of five!!!!!!!xxx,,