Tuesday, 21 June 2016

I Have No More Children At School!

I needed to be organised bright and early this morning as the Clio was due in the garage for an 8.30am MOT.
I really wasn't sure how she was going to do, she is an old girl after all, but I was delighted to get a phone call to say that, other than the headlamps having a case of "glaucoma" which a quick scrub up sorted, she was ready to go!
So that means Teen One can have the use of my old car, once she has passed her test  (no test in sight I ought to add!)
On the walk home from the garage, I stopped off at our Doctor's surgery to drop off a bag of children's books we had been donated for Mother and Toddlers.
Many of them were too grown up for little ones, but I remembered the book shelf in the children's corner being rather empty the last time I was there.
The staff were delighted with the donation.
I must remember the next time I have some toys donated that we don't need, to take them along.
They have two lovely rooms (upstairs and down) but few toys...I guess some "walk."
I also noted one of our very lovely Doctors is retiring ( he really doesn't seem old enough, so it makes me feel very old as I remember him starting!)
He has been the doctor for many of my Recycled Teenagers over the years and has such a lovely manner, and really leaves you with a sense of well being.
There is a coffee and cake morning next week to say goodbye, so I have made a note on the calendar as I would love to tell him how much he has been appreciated.
I wonder how often we tell such people who dedicate their lives to the well being of others, how much we have valued them.
Once home I noticed my neighbour's son was in, no doubt doing more sorting of his late parents possessions.
As I hadn't seen him for a few days I knocked the door and checked he was ok.
He seemed like he needed to chat, so I popped home to make him a cuppa, and then sat with him for an hour, sometimes we just need someone to talk to don't we?
The rest of the morning was spent doing the usual household chores, and with the sun shining brightly, I was happy to be able to get the washing out on the line, first time in a few days!
Teen One came home from another Maths A level exam feeling rather peckish, so we had an early lunch. A friend then sent a text to say did we want to go for lunch...but as we had already eaten we went round for a cuppa instead.
Teen One always loves playing with Little Sweetheart, who seems to be making progress every time we see her...almost talking and almost walking!
With Teen One dropped off at college again, I put dinner together.
A quick and easy favourite...salmon, potatoes wedges and broccoli with cheese.
I cook the potatoes and broccoli first, then add the raw salmon and cheese, plus a drizzle of basil olive oil on the bottom of the dish to stop it sticking.
Once cooked I added some cherry tomatoes for Teen One and I, added another splash of colour and also very yummy too.
I hadn't realised when I bought the salmon that it was lightly smoked....having just eaten dinner I will definitely be buying this again...it was soooooo tasty!
Hubby however would not appreciate the fish, so he has the last of the Sunday beef!
I was just about to do some digging round the back of the garage when a friend called to say was I in for half an hour....cue the kettle on and another catch up round a cuppa.
Once she had returned to work, I put on my wellies and continued with what seems like a never ending task!
I don't know how many bags I have taken to the dump and am wondering if we should have invested in a Hippo bag...but its too late for that, the back has most definitely been broken....and this is today's  offering!
Tomorrow I will take a trip to the dump with it.
I am always loathe to load the car up too much, as these bags are soooo heavy! But I guess they don't weigh as much as three passengers!
I was fairly worn out by the time I had filled all those sacks, so a sit down job was in order.
I started to write out as many "rejoice" verses as I could for my Monday Recycled Teenagers weekly promises.
I had been taking her encouraging verses, promising Gods care for her since she was diagnosed with cancer, but as she was given the all clear last week, I have decided to do her weekly rejoice verses.
I find it easier to do a lot in one go and then tear them off each week and I know she really looks forward to receiving them.
But the most momentous event of the day belongs to Teen Two.
He came home as usual, but for the last time, put his tie on the front room door handle.
Something he has done every week day for the past five years, but not any more!
How fast these years have flown.
It seems like just the other week I was sitting in endless meetings with school, preparing him ( and them!) for his learning difficulties...fighting for the right support (and not always getting it)
endless research  into how best to support his Language Disorder.
He has had to work so hard to get to where he is, and regardless of the results of his GCSE's we are so proud of the "charming, polite and decent young man" he has grown into.
Words used by his teachers, not us.
To us of course he will always be the best son ever!
It seems rather strange to now have no children at school...for the most part it has been a very enjoyable part of their life....and I am looking forward to the new chapter now opening ahead of us at the end of the summer holidays.
Tuesday June 21, 2016
Today's Verse:
   For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.


  1. What a day you have had!!! Busy, busy!!! It must seem strange not to have 'school children' around. All sorts of different opportunities will open up.
    My present husband received several lovely cards for Fathers Day, and he asked me to thank you for yours. xxxx

  2. Phew -and breathe! It will be strange having both around for an extended period over the summer but I know that you will all enjoy yourselves.

    1. Yes indeed, although Teen One will be out most of the time, she has the next two weeks on a school placement and then a couple of weeks break before working at a playscheme...so plenty taxi of mum still!