Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Happy 18th Birthday Teen One!

Well like any mother, I am finding it hard to come to terms with the fact, that much longed for baby is now an adult!
Teen Two had revision all day, which meant Teen One and could do all sorts of girly things without him having to tag along like a spare part!
The morning started with the present unwrapping of course.
Her main present from us was a Pandora bracelet.
She has long admired these beauties, but the price seemed too prohibitive to be honest...well for a youngster anyway.
I really didn't know what to get her to be honest and she said there wasn't anything she actually wanted or needed...but you can't  let a milestone birthday like this pass by can you!
So, after a lot of thought I decided it would an appropriate gift for her 18th and one that can be added to over the years.
I am delighted to say she was thrilled, and of course it was most unexpected.
With the presents unwrapped it was time for a birthday brunch treat.
We went to a tea shop near the seafront with lovely views.
Teen One chose a small full English....
...and I chose my all time favourite salad, called a Jayne Salad.
It has everything imaginable, as usual I was unable to finish it, but doggy bags (boxes actually) are provided for left overs.
I don't usually go round taking pictures of public toilets...but the ones in the tea shop are so beautifully kept I couldn't resist showing you!
We then called into town to visit Pandora's as Teen One had been given a gift voucher by a church friend who was in on the secret.
She chose a treble clef and tiara.
We also bought a safety chain.
I can see that whilst in Greek Myth Pandora had a box that opened, this modern day Pandora has opened up another world to that Teen One is going to love!
After a quick trip to Grandma, to show her the Pandora charm she had chosen, and of course thank her, we collected Teen Two from school and headed off to see Alice Through the Looking Glass.
Disney will always be my favourite version, but this was much better than I expected...its true to say I actually enjoyed it!
It was then time to meet Hubby at Prezzo for dinner.
This is the first time we have visited this chain, and thoroughly enjoyed our meal.
Made all the better by getting 25% off with our Gourmet card!
Teen Two ordered white hot lovely it looked when it arrived!
A jug of steaming frothy milk, ready to be poured over white chocolate buttons!
No imitation, flavoured syrup here, the real mcoy!
And of course the final job of the day was singing happy birthday!
I made a "Hidden Surprise" cake...filled with jelly beans....but more of that tomorrow!
Its been a lovely day with my grown up baby and we feel so blessed to have her.
Daily Blessing
Wednesday June 1, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

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  1. What a lovely day!!! You should indeed feel blessed for having such a lovely daughter. Jayne's salad looks wonderful, no wonder its your favourite!! xxx