Tuesday, 28 June 2016

"Giving Thanks Unto The Lord"

This morning I promised to take a friend, along with her daughter and grandchild, as well as Teen Two, to Ikea for breakfast.
They had never been before so were looking forward to the adventure.
All started well, the car park was quite empty, there was no queue at the restaurant (very unusual!) but just as we were giving in our order an announcement came over the tannoy...
"Please evacuate the building using the nearest emergency exit, this is due to a technical difficulty, please evacuate immediately."
I had just been handed two of the cooked breakfasts and looked at the member of staff...she looked back at me....did we hear what we thought we just heard?
Seems like we did....we had to abandon our food...go in search of Teen Two and the young mum and baby...which meant going against the wishes of the staff who by now were herding us to an emergency door...but I was not going to leave without at least having tried to find them.
Thankfully they too were making their way over and we were able to go down the many flights of stairs altogether.
Anyone who has been to an Ikea will know what vast buildings these are, and so the flights of stairs seemed never ending, to make matters worse my friend still has problems with her ankle which was broken earlier this year...not only that but she is nervous of stairs as that is how she broke her ankle in the first place, missing a step!
What an ordeal it was!
Of course in the back of my mind I was wondering what on earth the difficulty was that meant we had to evacuate the building and keep away from it once outside....I was expecting an explosion I must confess and my mind was working overtime.....I couldn't get down those stairs quick enough.
No alarms were going so I presume it wasn't a  fire issue.
After some time out on the pavement we were finally allowed back in, and when we eventually got back up to the top floor to get breakfast, we were given it free of charge for the inconvenience.
The staff cannot be praised highly enough for the calm manner in which they escorted us off the premises....I guess they weren't privy to the problem either and would have wanted to get us just as quick as the rest of us!
We also had free car parking on our exit.
The rest of the time there was very enjoyable and drama free!
They came out with a big blue bag full of goodies...including  a quilt cover for £1!
They are eager to return with the rest of their family...but minus the drama!
I guess its another one of those days where we can look back and be thankful to the Lord for taking care of us in what could have been a very different situation.
"Oh give thanks unto the Lord for He is good and His mercy endureth for ever" Psalm 107


  1. Wow what a day!!! Now it is over and everyone is safe, it sounds exciting. However not an experience you would want to repeat!!! xxx

  2. Do you know what it was yet? Thank goodness no one panicked and that you are all safe x

    1. Nope, paper just said "technical issue."