Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Can I Convince You?

Weather wise it has been rather a wash out today, and what with the wind last night.....its like winter!!
After dropping Teen One off at school and then the usual morning clear up, I set to making some plaster of paris moulds for tomorrow's Mother and Toddlers and Friday  Club.
Many years ago I brought home a tub of little magnets from our local Craft Bank. It has lasted me years and years and I still have some left!
They are perfect for plaster cast moulds, so easy to store on the fridge, much less precarious than perched on a shelf.
I must confess that whilst making the moulds up can cause a bit of a mess in the kitchen sink, its easily enough cleared up, and always seems like a rather special craft to me!
Probably because it was one of those "Not Allowed" activities when I was growing up.
It's a really quick and easy activity to set up ( with a little forethought of course, for setting time)
and the plaster is relatively cheap and lasts for ages.
Today I used up an ice cube tray (fishes) dinosaur chocolate mould, and  Lego mould that was originally bought for a wedding cake and then handed on to me ( thanks Grandma its had lots of use!)
So many things can be used as moulds.....I rather like this one using plastic spoons!
When the Teens were little, we often made things like this.... was perfect for using up all kinds of trinkets and collections...particularly good after a visit to the beach and you come home with pockets full of shells and pebbles.
You can even add a few drops of paint to the plaster before it sets to enhance the plaque.
I had to call in to see the practise nurse today for a blood test and saw another one of our Doctors is retiring!
This time a lady Doctor and one I have seen many times.
She is such a lovely lady, with a warm smile and comforting I will miss her!
Thankfully I don't need to see the doctors very often, but she was always my first choice.
Hubby had to go to the Doctors yesterday for a check up on his blood pressure...and it was up a little bit....he is not happy as the doctor wants him to take yet another tablet, so that's two he has now....he had hoped the bit of weight loss he had started to achieve would have meant maybe he wouldn't need any tablets at all....seems not.
Teen Two and I the popped into town briefly and I was delighted to see a very dull part of town, by a major roundabout, has been spruced up.
These shops have long since been open and the place has been rather an eyesore...this little bit of decoration has brightened the place up no end!
After lunch Teen Two and I played Rummikub.
It really is a fun game and he really enjoys playing it and is much quicker than I am at making new runs, breaking up existing ones etc.
Tonight he is going to the gym ahead of his internet café night, so its a busy time for him.
The gym membership is proving very worthwhile right now, I hope it keeps up...of course every time I drop him off I have a tinge of guilt that maybe I should be in there too!!
Then I convince myself I am way more active in the day time with all the housework and errands I run all day long....are you convinced??

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  1. Erm - not really - but, there again, I've not been swimming yet either!