Tuesday, 7 June 2016

An Unexpected Gift

This morning I awoke at silly O'clock, and seeing as it was so bright and sunny, I decided to make the most of being awake and crack on with some quiet jobs.
By 9a.m I had finished the ironing, cleared the kitchen, hung out two loads of washing...
...made a cake (to take to a friend later) put away yesterday's washing...blah blah blah...you get the picture anyway,  I managed to pack rather a lot into those few hours.
After a quick shopping trip for some lunch treats, Teen One and I visited our friends with the little baby...soon to be one!
We have been visiting almost every Tuesday since my friend broke her ankle in January and have got quite a bond with the babe now.
One week we took them out and introduced them to Tiger.
I happened to say how much I like  a particular basket, it was ideal for storing current knitting/crochet in ( well, when the mojo is back!) and taking out for picnics, delivering home made cakes in etc.
This was several months ago, infact it may well have been late last summer even...anyhow I had forgotten about the basket and the comment.
So imagine my surprise when we arrived today and I was given this lovely basket as a "thank you!"
I am thrilled beyond words, and of course humbled that they should spend their money on me.
I have decided for the summer it can sit by the fireplace and our usual basket filled with logs can go into the garage until the colder nights come back.
They also spotted a couple of things they knew Teen One would love...strawberry designed foil (how cute will her packed lunches look!) and sour peach flavoured gums...they know Teen One loves strawberry designed things and also sour sweets, peach is such an unusual flavour as well!
So we both came home delighted with our unexpected gifts.
With Teen One dropped off at college, I had an hour to myself to sit in the quiet and write up some more of my report regarding Teen Two's special needs.
I keep thinking "maybe this is the last time I have to wade through paperwork evidencing his needs" but it seems this will be an ongoing issue for the foreseeable future.
If only all the authorities involved could just look at each others reports and accept each others findings!
It was soon getting near time to collect Teen Two from revision and hear how he got on with his English GSCE today.
He had gone off in dread of it and felt quite despondent.
After a word of prayer with him and a reminder he could ask the Lord for help himself, to keep calm and have a clear head, he seemed a little chipper. So it was a real thrill to hear him say the exam was ok and he actually enjoyed doing part B!
Regardless of the results, we know he will have tried his best and am just thankful he didn't melt into a quivering wreck, which is what happened in his mocks!
On the way to collect him I stopped off at the dump yet  again and disposed of eight more bags of soil!
It's been such a hot day, I stopped off at the drive thru KFC to buy his favourite Krushem as a surprise.
Needless to say he was delighted!
Teen One came home with an surprise of her own this afternoon...she had forgotten she took part in a Maths Challenge at college last year.
It's fair to say she isn't really a lover of Maths, but took the A level as its one of those subjects that is always valueable.
No-one was more surprised than her to be given a certificate today for her achievement on the day!
She is also very pleased today as she was offered a placement at a primary school nearby, for the duration of the summer term, once her exams have finished this month.
She will be working with Year 2 children and is looking forward to the challenge!
She also has some summer work lined up as well working with children at a club, the venue has yet to be confirmed, but it will be with more able children than last year, who were all non verbal, which she found rather a struggle.
So it's looking like her summer plans are all coming together nicely.
Daily Blessing
Tuesday June 7, 2016
Today's Promise:
   I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

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  1. What a lovely basket. You've had a day full of surprises. Well done teen one on finding work for the summer also teen two on coping with exams. Xxxx