Monday, 6 June 2016

A Year (And A Day!) In Blogland!

Yesterday I passed a milestone...and forgot to blog about it!
It was exactly a year since my first blog post and above is the first picture I posted.
I am pleased to say the blanket, which was inspired by Attic 24's Ripple blanket, did get finished, and over the winter kept Teen One and I warm, as we snuggled up on the sofa.
I must say, my crafting mojo seems to have gone on holiday in recent months, and I can't settle to do anything. I have bright ideas, start something, then that "can't be bothered" feeling comes over me and I abandon the project to a rather bigger than usual hidey hole in my messy corner under a coffee table ( with a large tablecloth doing its best to hide the embarrassing sight!)
I am quite astonished, when I read my "stats" to see I have had 9701 views in the year, from all around the globe.
It's rather a mystery as to what so many folk find interesting, in for the most part is a very ordinary life here in the south of England.
This started off as "A year in the life of..." and I now am not sure as to whether to continue or not.
Just how much "cups of tea in bed, roast dinners, Friday club stories can anyone really want to read about??!"
Well its up to you....let me know if I should continue or not!
It has been interesting I must admit, diarying the various things we do as a family.
It is also rather sad as well to look back over the year and see how many folk we have lost, but we have also had the blessing of new babes coming into the family...such is the circle of life I guess.
Today has been glorious weather wise so I was able to make the most of it and have the two washing lines permanently filled with washing...mind you...I wasn't too impressed with my neighbour who decided to pressure wash his decking....despite the high fences my bottom line of clean clothes was splattered with dirty marks.
But I am sure had he been aware he would have stopped, so I wont hold a grudge.
Hubby still has some car problems so I let him take my new car and resorted to my trusty old Clio.
I did have some method in my madness, I thought I would make the most of passing the tip on the way to collect Teen Two, and fill the boot with some of the soil we cleared up at the weekend, no way am I taking THAT in my new car!!
I made my usual visit to my Monday Recycled Teenager, had a good catch up, did some housework for her, then took her to Morrisons.
They had smoked peppered mackerel on special offer, so I made Teen One and I a salad with it, using baby spinach leaves and pomegranate was yum, but the boys would not have appreciated it!
Although the sunshine was calling....I was determined to tackle a job I have only a week or so to complete and that was evidencing the special needs Teen Two has, so he can get the proper support.
Scanning piles of paperwork takes forever and remembering if the piece of paper you have in your hand is to be scanned or has already been scanned  happens all too frequently!
Pretty soon the floor was getting littered with "done" pieces, and after an hour and a half all the scanning was complete.
I have started on the wording to be submitted and will then have to go through with a highlighter and colour code all the issues.
A couple more hours tomorrow morning and hopefully I can post it all off.
The rest of the afternoon has been spent, collecting Teen Two, folding washing, cooking a chicken curry for dinner and considering getting some felt out to make some hedgehog faces!!!
See...I do keep trying to get this mojo back on task!
Daily Blessing
Monday June 6, 2016
Today's Promise:
   And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

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  1. You certainly do. I for one really enjoy reading about you exploits. Come on you blog watchers, a bit of encouragement is needed here. Just comment please.xxxxxx