Thursday, 9 June 2016

A Surprise Package In The Post!

Starting with last night....having uploaded this photo onto Facebook, asking if any of my friends wanted this sack of bean bag beads, within minutes I had  message saying "yes please!"
So I am glad it wont be going to landfill.
I also uploaded a picture of a chair in the attic I no longer want and that too was snapped up!
Feeling sorry for poor puss Milly who loved the bean bag, I kept back enough to fill a pillowcase...she now has her pussycat sized bean bag to snooze on.
Today at Mother and Toddlers was my turn for the craft table.
The other helpers aren't brave enough to use anything messy, so I usually have the market cornered on that one!
This morning the tots enjoyed painting one half of a cut out card butterfly...then folding it it a good rub, then hey presto, when they open it they have a perfectly symmetrical butterfly!
I don't use the word symmetrical of course but do explain that butterfly wings have the same pattern on each side.
If I want to get REALLY messy, I let them use their fingers to make the pattern!
When I went next door to do some cleaning, the son was there.
He showed me various pieces of china, wondering if I was interested in any....I have so much already and so little room to store it in....but I rather liked these cake plates.
I think my grandmother had something similar and I guess it brought back happy memories...her tea tables were always laden with home baked goodies and pretty plates!
There was a table of nick nacks he persuaded me to take a look at...and this jumped out at me.
I am rather partial to mushrooms, particularly wooden ones ( but not exclusively) and this is turned out of one piece of wood....its almost looks like a little tree as well.
It's actually for darning socks...unlikely to ever see action of that sort in my house, but its up on my shelf with a few other quirky mushrooms.
Those of you on "Tulip watch" its an interesting one, they are all standing proud ( ish) but the ones which were pricked...the yellow ones....are much less dried up than the red ones, so maybe pricking them does make them live longer?
Finally.....the deeds to our house arrived today!!!
I was so thrilled to see a large envelope with "Santander" at the top...I just knew what was inside!
I had been contemplating the letter they sent the other week which said "mortgages completed after 2005.." and wondered what "completed" meant.
Maybe it didn't mean when the mortgage was all paid up....just not at the application stage??
Seems like it was just a standard letter after all and we are the happy recipients of the deeds to our house!
It was initially bought for £700 in 1935, by 1994 when we bought it, it was worth £71,500, and now they are approaching £300,000!
There are one or two anomalies, for example we know there were four owners before ourselves, but only three are mentioned, with a gap in the 60's of who owned the house.
Nothing to worry about at all, just intriguing.
We will have a good look at the original plans later on...should make for interesting reading!

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  1. I've seen plenty of darning mushrooms but not one quite like that, looks lovely. Exciting getting your deeds!!!! We have some of ours, but I think some are still stored somewhere. We must look at them again sometime. Very pretty plates!!!xxxx