Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A Lesson In The Three A's

Today I start with a question.....how is it I can never manage to grow plants successfully from seed, and yet last years mini pansies have self seeded themselves beautifully in sandy cracks of the forecourt!
I haven't watered or tended them in anyway and yet they are doing better than the ones I bought in the planter!
The Postie brought yet another parcel today, our second free gift from Comparethe market.com.
I am so impressed with the speed of delivery, last time we chose a gift it took over six months to get to us.
Needless to say Teen Two is delighted.
I popped in to town today and needed one or two bits in Poundland...as usual I came out having spent £19!!
One of the items I couldn't resist was this bag of dark chocolate coconut chips, by Maui and Sons
I hadn't seen them before, but they looked like a good make, and as it turns out they are a very popular brand from the US.
They are a wholesome treat and I must say very moreish!
The reason my bill bumped up so much is, I made the most of a great offer....
having bought a bag of fairy dishwasher tablets in Morrisons yesterday, special offer £10 for 67, I was astonished to see the same size bag ( not the one shown) for £6!
So I bought two bags at that price!
I don't know about you, but I find it very hard to  work out what is a bargain and what isn't when it comes to dishwasher tablets, as they come in so many strange sizes, 30 ,92, 42, 64, 67,33, 72, 60 47, 52....all such random numbers!
You think you have a bargain then realise it has way less tablets than you expected!
However I am confident on this bargain as its the same size exactly.
Once home I settled down to some ironing, and then a friend called in for a cuppa...always a good excuse to abandon the pile!
Teen One came home around the same time and said her Psychology  exam was "mean!" Lots of questions on last years course and not so much on this year...and of course she had revised more of this year than last year! But she got a B last year so that should stand her in good stead.
With Teen One back to college and my friend back to work, I spent some time clearing the conservatory, putting washing away etc, and then filling the old car with yet more soil, ready to go to the dump en route to collecting Teen Two.
As I left for the dump....leaving via the back door to get to the garage, little did I know the Lord was looking after me in a special way....I had left the front door on the latch!
So when Teen One came home first 90minutes later she was confused as to why the door was on the latch but no one was home!
Thank you Lord for keeping our home safe!
My crafting mojo has been on a long holiday recently, and whilst sorting out some cupboards I found a little box containing a piece of cross stitch I did many years ago for a friend.
Over the years in her front room it had faded, and more years ago than I care to remember she asked if I could re do it!
I felt rather embarrassed when I discovered it the other day, so decided to keep it in the car, then whenever I was waiting for Teen Two,  I could make good use of the time.
Today I started to sew over the very faded work and forgot quite how much I enjoyed cross stitch.
The words are "Accept Adjust Achieve" and are something that was told to my friend many years ago when she was diagnosed with bowel cancer.
She went from being fit and healthy one day, to literally the next day, being admitted as an emergency and waking to find she had a colostomy.
It took her a long time to get used to all that is involved in this life changing procedure and  a friend shared with her the lessons of Accept Adjust Achieve.
She wrote "The Three A's" on her box of colostomy items ( of which there are many) so each time she went to the box throughout the day ( and night) she would remember the mantra Accept Adjust Achieve.
When she eventually came home and shared the story with me, I decided to embroider the mantra for her.
Many years have passed, she has been cancer free all this time and adjusted amazingly to her new body....not easy for someone who is rather squeamish and would faint at the sight of her own blood!
I am sure we could all learn some lessons from the Three A's.
Today's Psalm:
   I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved. Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth: my flesh also shall rest in hope.



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  1. 3 'A's'. Excellent! I'm sure she will love to have it again.
    Excellent value on the disherwasher tablets. Xxx