Monday, 27 June 2016

"A Labourer Is Worthy Of His Hire"

Today started by taking Teen One to her school placement ( which she enjoyed,), then on to my Monday Recycled Teenager.
We had a catch up, then headed out to the supermarket.
Last week she was given  a voucher for free flowers to celebrate her birthday, but as she had a houseful of flowers already, she gave me the voucher!
So I chose some delicate freesias to cheer up my kitchen window sill.
After shopping I dropped Teen Two off at the gym, then spent the afternoon doing some rather mundane paperwork and housework.
In between our  house and our neighbours is a narrow driveway, which gives us all access to our garages.
For the last few years a neighbour at the end of the road has asked his son to keep the weeds and grass down. He is a gardener and very kindly does it for no charge.
Not only the driveway but also all the sides around the back.
We of course have been endeavouring to keep ours clear in recent times, bagging up the soil etc and keeping the weeds down.
Whenever I see him I say thank you, and have dropped off chocolates to his dad at Christmas time.
I am fairly sure no one else takes the trouble to thank him and I even overheard someone moan the other day that now he has moved he was unlikely to keep the weeds down now!
When I heard him working today I was so happy, as the weeds really had got high and too big a job for us without the proper tools.
With the fence not yet fixed...there is a handy little peep when he drew level with the hole I waved to him  to get his attention and then discretely tried to give him a tenner as a thank you for his efforts.
He kept refusing me, but I really felt it was so kind, on this muggy day, to spend half an hour of his time clearing our paths for free....when he wouldn't take it I opened my fingers, letting the note into alley and said "whoops" then walked away!
He laughed and I just hoped it didn't fly away out of reach!
About half an hour later, I was in the garden hanging out washing when his head peeped through the gap "thank you" he said.."but you don't need to do that"
to which I replied
"A labourer is worthy of his hire"
Now technically I didn't hire him...but I think its important not to take people's hard work for granted...even if they aren't expecting anything for their efforts.
My late neighbour  who never let anyone do anything for free, always used to say "there's no taste in nothing!"
I had just finished typing up this blog when I heard a bit of a commotion a few feet away...I looked up to see Crystal with a mouse in her mouth!
I tried to usher her back into the garden with it, but instead she turned tail and headed for the hall....dropping the mouse as she went!
Quick as a flash I popped the nearby bin on top of it....I don't know how alive it is...but it was breathing well when I saw it briefly!
Just incase it ate three Weetabix today I put a bag of potatoes on top, to make sure it didn't escape before Hubby comes home!
So guess what his job will be ahead of having his dinner!
As for Milly...well she just continued to lounge about, despite the commotion having gone on right under her nose!
She is most definitely NOT a mouser....never too sure if I am happy about that or not!
Am hoping Hubby is going to be able to let our little uninvited visitor into  the school field opposite.
Monday June 27, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   Be glad in the LORD, and rejoice, ye righteous: and shout for joy, all ye that are upright in heart.


  1. Glad that teen one enjoyed herself but not sure that I could have just left the mouse there - I would be too worried that it would escape!

    1. well I figured it would need to be a pretty strong mouse to move the bin with 5kg of spuds on top! Mousey free in the field opposite now :)

  2. The 'mouse prison' made me smile!!! Reminds me of when we were first married, we had a mouse that came from behind the skirting board, so I put a piece of wood up against the hole and a sewing machine(still its case) up against the wood!!! We never saw the mouse again! Well done to the young man, definitely deserves rewarding