Friday, 24 June 2016

A Historic Day!

Today started by learning we will soon no longer be part of the EU...was I worried?
Well not being of any political persuasion at all, it's always easy to sit on the sidelines  and listen to all the arguments, but when historic decisions are made, it does make you wonder how it is going to affect you.
I guess all I can say is, I am old enough to remember all the fuss about joining the Common Market and the fear it brought to so many an adult myself now, my faith and trust is  in a Higher Power and I can honestly say I do not worry about what the future may hold now this historic decision has been made.
The first visit this morning was to the opticians.
My eyes have been causing a few problems recently, constantly aching, even when closed.
It seems there are two issues.
Firstly I have dry eyes..."has no one ever told you?" the optician asked?
The solution, special cream...for the rest of my life  (small price to pay for healthy eyes I guess)
The second issue was I was really at the stage of needing glasses for long vision, whilst things are not blurry ( most of the time) my eyes were over compensating and so causing eyestrain.
The solution...varifocals.
So having crossed his palm with ( a lot) of plastic silver, I shall be the dubious owner of new specs in a few weeks.
I have heard so many stories of folks who don't get on with them....but have been assured a week should be long enough to get adjusted.
Lets see! (Pardon the pun!)
After the Opticians Teen Two and I did a spot of shopping in Tesco.
I was so excited to see these now for sale!
We see them in the US, but this is the first time I have seen them here.
I saw someone use them as "dinosaur teeth" at a kids party once! Great idea!
Personally I am imagining them filled with Philidelphia cream cheese!
Grandma had a niece visiting, so wanted us to pop in for a catch up.
Its a short walk from our house to Grandmas....
...passed the local pond....
...where we managed to spot the swan family with their cygnets.
Our story at Friday Club tonight was Elisha and the widow with the pots of oil
 I had seen this on a blog and adapted it somewhat.
Teen One came produced the worksheet for me...I thought coloured was prettier.
We asked the children to write down how they thought God takes care of them and then using a thin paint brush got them to paint a pattern using sunflower oil
When attached to the window with blue tack they really looked effective.
The children thought it was almost magical!
Seeing one start to drip ( bottom line) I ensured we used kitchen paper to blot any excess before hanging them up.
This little girl, who has only been coming a few weeks wrote " he died for me and protects me"
Most children came up with  home, food, mum etc.
One asked if God made the weather and decided to thank him for that...after several days of heavy rain and storms I was quite amused by her question....did she enjoy the storms (mine have always loved them) or was she relieved to see the sunshine today??
Today has not only been a historic day for the country but also our household.
Teen One sat her final A level....well I guess we hope it's her final one anyway, but at the very least no more revision and no more maths!
She now has a lovely long summer holiday ahead of her....with a reading list as long as your arm for Uni in September, placements and work....with maybe a week off at some point to visit Grandma and Grandad!
Friday June 24, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace.


  1. Pleased to see you had some good weather today. We've been very fortunate, with only the odd shower. Lovely pictures at Friday club, well done!!! I'm sure Grandma and Grandad will love to see you all. I know they will be away for a few days from 19th to 23rd of July but then are free. xxxx

    1. Would be the end of the hols because of Teen Ones in touch about if first though xxx

  2. OK. Away from 27th August!!xxx

    1. Shame....that's probably when we would be able to come...we will see how Teen One's work pans out nearer the time x