Saturday, 4 June 2016

A Family Walk Along Chichester Canal

Saturday morning wouldn't be Saturday without a slow start to the day, beginning of course with a cuppa a biccie in bed!
Once up I felt full of energy ( unusual!) and set too making a lemon and sultana cake for tomorrow's tea.
Teen Two then helped me try and bag up the seemingly never ending amount of soil at the back of our garage.
Not all of it belongs to us, but we seem to be the only people interested in clearing it up!
We started doing this last year and still haven't got to the end of the job....although of course we haven't been doing it regularly.
I am hoping to get it sorted soon though as the weeds seem to grow very quickly in this area and if we don't keep on top of removing the soil, we end up having to get rid of the weeds all over again!
I hadn't realised how humid it was out, and after half an hour both Teen Two and I were all done in...we managed to bag up about twice the amount here....but I forgot to take a picture...this was half way through our slog!
After a quick lunch, we made a brief stop off at the tip to get rid of some of the bags of soil (we are only allowed to take six bags a month...not sure how they police it, but if we go in bits and pieces maybe they wont notice!)
We then set off for a walk along Chichester Canal.
We parked our car in a tiny village car park, next to a car that was covered in mould INSIDE!! This pic doesn't really show it up...but the steering wheel should have been black and you can see its clearly not! It was horrendous, goodness knows how long its been there!
 Once on the walk, there was plenty of wildlife to see...

...and this butterfly followed us for quite some way...stopping just ahead of us each time!
The flowers along the canal were beautiful, I wish I was a better photographer...there were flowers of every colour, pink, purple, white, yellow etc...
...and the beautiful red of the poppies, which of course always remind us of the fields of poppies so many lost their lives in during the World Wars, and remembered especially around this time of year.
The walk was very pleasant...and being a rather nosey sort of person, I particularly enjoyed the first part of the walk, which backed on to some very lovely houses...
Whilst this wasn't a classic thatched roof, I did love the fact it had rooms either side of the front door...and of course roses around the door...
...and I don't know if this was their  granny annexe or summer house, but it looked very splendid!
And how's this for the kids to play in....a real little castle!
This was a very splendid home and beautifully kept.
After an hour and a half of walking, we were delighted to discover this café at the Marina...and quite empty inside too.
It would have been ideal to sit outside, and many people were, but the the flora and fauna had set off Teen Two's hayfever big time and he was really suffering poor lad, so we opted to stay inside and minimise his sneezing!
A pot of tea and carrot cake was ideal pick me up for me!
The view of the harbour would have been lovely, but we will save that for another time...and make sure we dose up Teen Two first.
The map for this walk is available here...and whilst it is very informative, it didn't really prepare us for the rather boring part of the public footpath to access the marina.
After the peace and tranquility of the canal, being back on tarmac and cars passing was not so much fun at all, and was probably about 15-20 minutes long.
The return journey was brightened up by a deer running back and forth ahead of us...but it was all so quick I didn't manage to capture it on the camera.
It was lovely to be back on the canal path, and with the sun behind us was very pleasant indeed.
(Although poor Teen Two was REALLY suffering at this point!)
Turner painted his famous picture of Chichester Cathedral from along this path, but we didn't manage to find the spot today...we will save that for another time.
It's been lovely to get out in the fresh air together and we have promised ourselves we will research some more local walks for the coming months.
Daily Blessing
Saturday June 4, 2016
Today's Verse:
   I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.


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