Wednesday, 8 June 2016

24hour Bargains...Whatever NEXT!

This morning was another bright and sunny start, and with the possibility of heavy showers, I decided to crack on with mowing the lawn whilst I could.
We were given next door's Flymo recently and it is so much easier to use than our own one, I put ours outside the house this morning, with a "free" sign taped to it.
When I looked ten minutes later it had gone!
Great, glad to know its gone to be useful somewhere and not to land fill!
With the washing out and basics of housework  done, I sat down and spent two hours finishing the report on Teen Two, highlighting in different colours the various issues, hoping to make it easier for the reader!
I had hoped to get it all posted, but the printer decided to run out of black ink, and as that is a "blue" job in this house I will have to wait for Hubby to come home.
His car is still in the garage, they haven't managed to work out what the problem is....and the worry for me is, its going to be a big labour bill with nothing to show at the end of it!
So he still has my new car whilst I have the trusty old was my choice I must admit, and I had intended to do another trip to the dump with some more soil...but the heat was just too intense so I opted to do some clearing out instead.
One thing that is destined to go is an old bean bag. It was a hand me down from a friend, and has been much loved, but takes up too much room for the amount of use we now get from it.
The zip broke some time ago and there was no inner lining, so I used a quilt cover to store the teeny tiny beads in....but I want to keep the quilt cover (Disney Princess holds such happy memories!) so have to transfer those pesky polystyrene beads into something else first.
We happened to see a dumped bean bag in  a street the other week and initially thought we had a freak snow storm on our hands! What a way can I be responsible for that kind of littering, so will have to find a sturdy sack to store it all in before taking it to the dump.
True to form Milly decided it was a brand new piece of furniture that needed christening!
If it wasn't so big I would consider keeping it for her...infact maybe I could keep some beads back to  make her a mini bean bag using an old pillowcase!
I must tell you about a great bargain, and great service I received from NEXT today!
I had admired a friends t shirt yesterday and she said it was £4 from Next or three for £12, which for NEXT I thought was excellent value.
Later in the evening I emailed her to say I was considering buying myself three..."hold on" she said..."let me give you a FRIEND code which will give you £20 off orders over £40"
Well as I knew I was going to be ordered two of each size to see which was the best fit, and then knowing Teen One would probably like some, it didn't take long to get to the required amount.
With the discount applied, it worked out at £1.77 per t shirt!
I placed the order at 9.30pm and they were available to collect at my local store lunchtime today!
How's that for efficiency!
Many years ago we inherited an old Pianola.
Over the years, many kids have enjoyed pedalling away to produce a tune, and latterly of course our own children enjoyed it.
But sadly, once Teen One started piano lessons, she realised how out of tune the old player was and sadly it wasn't possible to rectify the problem, so it had to be disposed of.
For some reason we kept hold of the umpteen dozen rolls...only when we were sorting out the garage did we discover two large bags of them!
So today I have listed them on ebay and we will see if anyone wants a trip down memory lane, along with a bargain!
For dinner tonight I have made stuffed mushrooms to go with sausages.
It's a messy job...grating the breadcrumbs etc, but just adding some pepper, herbs, grated cheese and basil oil to bind it all together, a filling and tasty side has been whipped up for next to nothing...and the mushrooms were on special offer as well so its a really cheap dish and a couple of these alone would be perfect for a vegetarian meal!
Daily Blessing
Wednesday June 8, 2016
Today's Proverb:
   Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it.

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  1. Well done on the bargains, fantastic value. I wonder how much the pianola rolls will go for. Xxxx,,