Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Who's Been Sitting In My Chair?

This morning I had no excuse to put off tackling the mountain of ironing.....
....which took my mind off the fact I had to go to the dentist for a filling mid morning.
Like most people I don't particularly enjoy these visits, but try to remind myself they do what they do to avoid us being in pain!
My current dentist does not have much of a "bedside" manner though...my old one always went to great lengths to put his patients at their ease, with small chit chat...this one says barely anything.
Its amazing what a little chit chat can do for your nerves!
Anyway, its all done ( with no injection!) and I hope I don't have to go again until the next check up!
My neighbour's son is round each day trying to empty the life times collections of his parents.
Needless to say most days he is knocking my door asking if this that or the other is any good to me.
Today I was offered this butter dish, which is a perfect match for some of my kitchen accessories...and I am in dire need of a new butter dish since the cat knocked off my lovely Henry Watson one a year or two ago.
Up until now I hadn't seen one I liked enough to buy so we have made do with a plastic tub...but this retro one is perfect and hopefully if it hits the ground wont smash to pieces!
The cat from next door but one has taken a liking to our garden sofa....
...much to our Milly's disgust!
She sat there with her tongue out, looking at her for quite some time!
Did make us laugh!
The recent rain had left its mark...rather a lot of them...on the new car...well I couldn't have that could I!
So I made the most of the day home, and lovely weather to give it the first clean.
Boy was it hard work!
The water marks took ages to rub away.
I was using an old tea towel when my neighbours son drove up and said " you aren't using a dry cloth are you...you will scratch the car!!"
He came back with a chamois which I duly wet and used, and just hope he caught me in time!
In the afternoon I called in to see an aunt who lives near Teen Two's school, so I was able to have a cuppa with her before collecting him.
Although we live quite near, we don't see much of each other.
My cousin was there as well, who I haven't seen for two or three years so it was good to catch up with them both.
Daily Blessing
Tuesday May 24, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace.

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  1. The dreaded ironing!!!! Theres never an end to it! The cat looks very comfortable, perhaps you should open a cat holiday business! Cleaning cars is always hard work, well done.xxxxx