Friday, 20 May 2016

What Would You Do With Three Wishes?

This morning started with finishing off the carrot cake for tomorrow....
...a trip to Morrisons to stock up on goodies, also for tomorrow.
Teen One is going to make a fruit bouquet, it went down very well last year so we thought we would do it again.
It wasn't quite like this, but it gives you an idea what we are aiming for!
Just google fruit flower images and you will see some very inspiring pictures!
My neighbour's son knocked the door, wondering if I would like this bedroom chair of his mums.
I thought it would be perfect in the attic.
I cant say I care for the upholstery but am sure a crocheted throw will liven it up!
It has actually "returned home" as it was made by the original owners of our house!
Our story at Friday Club was God giving Solomon the choice of a blessing.
As we all know, Solomon could have chosen wealth, fame, honour, etc, but he chose wisdom , so he could rule Gods people well.
For the craft activity, I downloaded these John 3:16 hearts on to card, then hole punched all the way round for the children to do some basic threading/sewing.
They all managed the threading very well indeed.
On the pink side, we were able to pick out the word WISE...and had I had longer to think about it, we could have rearranged the format of the verse so as to make the word WISE go from left to right instead.
John 3:16 is ideal for using in so many ways like this isn't it?
On the plain side I asked them what they would choose if they were given three wishes ( making it clear I wasn't able to grant those wishes...but was just interested to know what they would choose!)
Some of the girls wanted to be a princess, have kittens, puppies etc.
This lad was quite modest in his be good at drawing, to be able to swim, to have a huskey!
But this little girl, really stole my heart ( infact I have asked her mum on several occasions if she would consider letting me adopt her!)
Her choices were: love, agreement and sleep!
I'm with her on that!
Daily Blessing
Friday May 20, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   Shew me thy ways, O LORD; teach me thy paths. Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.

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  1. Love the fruit bouquet!! Keep meaning to try it but then I run out of time!! How strange that the chair has 'come home' I think it is a lovely shape.xxxxx