Thursday, 19 May 2016

We All Live In A Yellow Submarine!

Today at Mother and Toddlers, it was the turn of our 80something lady to do the craft activity.
Despite having very bad eyesight, she still cuts out much of her work...and today the tots were pretending to be undersea, in little yellow submarines ( and yes I couldn't resist singing the song and had it in my head for the rest of the day!)
She has such a great imagination and
as the tots sit with her, she talks about all the creatures and their uniqueness.
Once home it was time to do some work in the kitchen...first a carrot cake, ready for our church conference at the weekend...
...then something new for dinner tonight, sticky marmalade chicken.
We had it with cous cous, green beans and sweetcorn.
Everyone enjoyed it, as it was so quick and easy it will appear on the family menu again.
I then went next door to do some housework.
Although there is no one living there now of course, the son wants me to keep things up together, so instead of a thorough vacuum through each week, I give it a quick go over and then concentrate on jobs I wouldn't normally tackle.
So today was the turn of the inside windows and high ledges.
I opened the windows to let some air in whilst I was there, and as I opened the conservatory door I saw a forget me not had planted itself in a crack in the path.
So I carefully unearthed it and brought it home to plant...hoping it will eventually spread and be a long lasting memory of my dear Recycled Teenagers.
Today wasn't as warm as the last few days ( even with the rain yesterday we had some warm sunshine) but the warmest spot in the house today, was obviously here where Crystal is!

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  1. Marmalade chicken sounds good! I do hope the little plant takes root. What a lovely memory it will be.xxxxxx