Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Tues 10th May:Time To Bake!

Today was the final day of the window installments, and as the guys were finishing off upstairs and downstairs, I was kind of stuck for where to was either the living room or the kitchen being a good girl I opted for the kitchen to do some baking.
The first thing I made was a new recipe in the Be-Ro book
Apricot and Sunflower seed Oat cookies.
For some reason, my brain translated sunflower seeds as pumpkin seeds....but we like both so it didn't really matter.
Unusually I had run out of golden syrup, so used Malt Extract instead, which is healthier  (so they say) and it worked just as well as the syrup.
Next was a Victoria Sandwich, which I make every week for a poorly friend (thankfully on the mend but not back at work)
I have been making the sponge in one tin recently and cutting in half...purely and simply because I can then use the cake liners and don't have to grease two tins...don't know why but I have always hated greasing the tins.
My late grandmother used to give that job to me when we had baking sessions...I never liked it even then! was good old Rock Buns.
You just can't beat a fresh rock bun, there is something so honest and humble about them...they are no lookers but they sure do taste good!
My friend popped in on her early lunch break and was delighted to see the buns, fresh from the oven they went down very well with a cuppa.
Unfortunately she spent the next hour or so sleeping in the chair, trying to get rid of  migraine...but she assures me she had a headache when she came in and it was not my baking!
I had ordered some little gift bags on Ebay recently and whilst having a sort out today, I found the packaging they came in and was about to throw it in the bin when I felt something else in was these sweet little cellophane cookie size big!
They had sent them as a free sample....they may just have got a winner there for me, I shall go on their website again and see how much they are.
By around 3.30pm the windows were finished and the guys on their way.
Now we have lovely shiny fogging and windows that open from the front instead of the side.
It was then time to head over to the Ford Dealers to get some paperwork signed.
They say the car should be available by Saturday!
Here is some useless information for you...
A Ford Fiesta weighs the same as:
31 German Shepherds
301,429 1p coins
1163 pineapples
279 gallons of water
Hubby had a basic medical check up at work the other week and his blood pressure was rather high.
He as advised to chat to his doctor...which he did over the phone today.
The doctor decided he ought to come straight in and get checked over.
As the blood pressure was still high, he was prescribed some medication...which he has to take for the foreseeable future...which he is not too keen on!
I am hoping it sorts the "problem" actual fact, he doesn't have any symptoms so in one sense its not a "problem" but left unchecked I imagine it could be dangerous.
Daily Blessing
Wednesday May 11, 2016
Today's Promise:
   For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.



  1. Shame about the high blood pressure medication but at least he hasn't had any symptoms. Have you got the website for the bags - looks very appealing and I have an idea forming in my mind for a church event?

  2. Cute aren't they! The EBAY link in the blog takes you to the seller....I didn't have much luck yesterday finding the bags...but they sell a lot of stuff so maybe I didn't look hard enough

    1. found some