Monday, 23 May 2016

The Singing Van!

Today was the usual, cleaning, washing, shopping ,visiting my Monday Recycled Teenager etc.
It was lovely to have the sun out all day and meant most of the washing has dried on the line.
I popped in to town to get a birthday pressie for Teen One...would love to tell you but better not just yet!
Teen Two came home quite buoyant about his  English Literature exam and is glad to have CRE out of the way...he is hoping he doesn't have to go to any more lessons on that subject!
He says the class is too hectic and having met his teacher several can I tactfully say she looks like she should have retired years ago and if she showed as much enthusiasm for her class as she did each time we met her...its not wonder the class seem to run amok!
As a treat for such a great start to the exams...when the ice cream van drew up next door...just in time for the junior school kicking out...I asked Teen Two if he wanted to go and treat himself to something!
He nearly fell off his seat when I asked as he knows I have NEVER let them buy from a van coming round the streets!
When they were little and we heard the music I used to say "Ooo listen...its a singing van!"  Then whenever they heard it they would say "listen mummy...the singing van!"
It took them years to realise why it was singing, by which time I was able to persuade them it was much better value to eat an icecream from the freezer, and thankfully they never made a fuss.
However as Teens they have appreciated the choice that is available from a van, so when we are on holiday I don't mind treating them to one...although I inwardly grown when they choose something like a Magnum...when I know I can buy a box for less than the price of one!
I couldn't stop myself from saying to Teen Two as he left the house just now to make his purchase
"don't buy anything we already have in the house will you?"
He came back with a "knickerbocker ice cream" which had all sorts of stuff in and then rolled in crushed Oreo's and a flake added.
He was delighted with his treat and of course it is good experience for interacting and gaining some independent skills. (Those positive thoughts helped me deal with the shock of hearing it cost £2.50!)
The rest of the afternoon has been spent continuing the insurance saga.
Having found plenty of quotes cheaper than Direct Line I have told them I don't want to renew ...and they didn't want to price having decided I will go with Lloyds Bank again...their website is playing up so I cant get it all done and dusted today...I will be glad when all this is finished!
The new car is still rather a dream...its certainly a dream to drive...I wasn't sure I would like it as much ( shhh don't tell!) but needless to say I love it.
Our neighbour's son kindly said we can keep the Clio in his parents garage till the house is sold by which time I hope we have cleared ours sufficiently to get it (and the freezer!) in.
We could keep it on the road....but it seems a bit unneighbourly to have three cars taking up much needed space in the road and a garage with nothing but "stuff" in!
Daily Blessing
Monday May 23, 2016
Today's Verse:
   Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

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  1. Ooh it's ages since I had an ice cream from the singing van! If I did it could only be a 99!