Saturday, 21 May 2016

Smoked Salmon And Icing For Anyone?

This morning started rather early...taking Teen Two to the hallowed ground of our local football team for a 9am kick off!
He had the rare opportunity of playing a match with his disabled football team.
They started off with the brief...
...then the game began in earnest...
...Teen Two took a turn in goal...

...and even scored once or twice!

Once home I spent some time getting the insurance sorted for my Clio.
I am delighted to say that Lloyds have quoted me more or less the same price as my existing insurers....only this time, with zero NCB ( I am using that for the new car) and having Teen One on the insurance! I am quite astounded to be much so I didn't actually believe the online quote and phoned to make sure I hadn't made a mistake!
So thank you very much Compare the market!
Hoping to be able to get the free cinema tickets a cuddly toy for Teen if we need anymore!
For Teen One and I it was then straight to church to get the food sorted for the conference tea.
Teen One did a display of fruit flowers...which went down really well again, everyone complimented us on how lovely they looked and of course how delicious they were.
We made two vases worth this year, and they still all went!
We also did watermelon lollies ( not frozen though) and they were very popular.
The table soon started to fill up...
...and the new chalkboard signs worked well too....£3 in The Works for a pack of 10
We nearly had one minor mishap!
When decorating the carrot cake, I put the left over cream cheese frosting back in the Philidelphia tub...and labelled it "frosting"
But this morning, being in such a rush I didn't notice I had picked up the tub of frosting instead of the cream when one of the helpers was putting together the cream cheese and smoked salmon blinis she was oblivious to the fact it wasn't cream cheese she was using!
It was only as I was passing I saw how shiny the cream cheese looked and wondered why...then I realised what I had done!!
Hubby was able to come to the rescue and bring the cheese with him...we had to throw the sweet ones unfortunately as it was just not a good combination , even having scraped off the frosting, the sweetness remained.
Oh well...good job I realised when I did!
Daily Blessing
Saturday May 21, 2016
Today's Promise:
   And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.


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