Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Saying Goodbye To The Hero Next Door

Today of course was all about the funeral of my dear Recycled Teenager next door.
He was one of the few remaining Normandy veterans and in his honour a bugler from the Royal Marines was in attendance, to play the last post on his bugle at the end.
The funeral procession came to the Crematorium with a member of the Royal Legion walking with the local Normandy Veterans flag.
In the back of the hearse was a board displaying all of his medals....
...and the flag draped coffin had his beret on the top....seeing that was what started me welling up!
Having seen him wear it annually for the D Day Memorial see it on top of the coffin was extremely emotional.
The service was well attended, considering his good age of 92, his peers having long since passed.
The World War Two accounts were, as always, astonishing to hear, what sacrifices this dear mans generation had to endure so that we might have peace today.
I hadn't realised that as the Last Post was played, the flag bearer would drop the flag ( not the pole) to the ground...that was very dramatic and emotional!
I will miss him more than I can say, he has been part of our lives for over twenty years and latterly I have seen him several times daily.
I will  miss his humour, his kindly words and his never ending appreciation for the little that we did.
Today's service was a fitting end  for this great gentleman, who was so humble regarding his achievements back when this country as at war, he really was our Hero next door.


  1. Well done, a very emotional account. I'm sure his son was pleased you were there. Xxxxx

  2. I've been thinking of you all day xx