Thursday, 5 May 2016

Sad News, Good News, Bad News!

Today really has been a roller coaster day.
It started not too well...waking up with a cold!
However, within a few minutes of feeling sorry for myself...I was chiding myself for the self pity.
I learned on Facebook that friends of ours in the US, who have a son the same age as our Teen Two, have learnt what they thought was their son having Crohns or IBS, was actually cancer.
As if that wasn't enough, their son has autism and struggles with so many things, dealing with invasive treatment and being out of his routine is going to cause great anxiety to all.
I have no idea of the financial side of things...hopefully they have insurance, although whether that means they have to pay any excess,  I really don't know.
Once again, how thankful I am to live in the UK where finances do not come into hospital treatment.
After the usual Mother and Toddlers, as I arrived home, my next door neighbours son greeted me with a bunch of tulips!
I love the simple but sophisticated shape of tulips...and determined to make them last as long as possible, I remembered a trick his mum had told me years ago...prick them just under the head....but look what happened!!
Within an hour they were droopy!
I couldn't believe it!
I really didn't have any idea behind the science of it clutching at straws, trimmed the ends, then placed the bunch in a bowl of cold water, with the heads well under.
Whether it was the trimming or the water getting to the heads, I don't know...but they have thankfully perked up!
We have been waiting for our Endowment to pay up for the past few weeks... and today it finally showed up in our account...hooray for online banking!
This meant one up the mortgage company for a final figure and transfer the money over! of today, we are the proud owners of our home!
What a relief, after all these years to have this blessing.
Having lived through the years of negative equity in home ownership and endowments which failed to get anywhere near their expected value ( of which we were victims) we are thankful to have made it to the end.
How far away 25 years seemed, but here we are and feeling blessed to be in this position.
Not that we will feel the financial benefit for a while....what went on the mortgage is now going on the new windows!
Whilst I have titled this blog Sad News, Good News and Bad will be expecting bad news now....but let me put your mind at is not as bad as it could have been!
Whilst taking Teen One to piano lesson, stationary in a traffic queue, the large van ( yes it was white and no signage) in front of me suddenly reversed, and so quickly I didn't have time to get into reverse myself.
Within seconds he crashed right into me..making the most horrific sound that I felt sure the bonnet would be completely crumpled.
I just couldn't believe what had just happened!
In seconds my mind was thinking "poor Teen One, she was so looking forward to having this car....thank goodness this wasn't my NEW car...thank goodness no one was hurt"
In actual fact, when I got out ...and eventually the other driver thought better of it and came back ( having started to drive off!) I realised he had nearly hit a cyclist...she had a few choice words to say to him.
He apologised to me and after taking down his details he took a picture of my car...which as you can see doesn't even look like it was hit!
Hubby has checked it over and there is minor damage inside which we will get a second opinion at the garage tomorrow, but it is amazing  there wasn't more damage.
It will teach the (very) young man a lesson I am check his mirrors before reversing!
This is my first experience of a prang of any kind, after over thirty years of driving...I wish I could say I had all my wits about me....I don't think I did...I should have called him on his mobile to check he had given me the right details ( he hasn't responded to ours tonight yet) but I guess I do at least have the number plate, I hope that counts for something!
Daily Blessing
Thursday May 5, 2016
Today's Proverb:
   Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.


  1. Phew !!!!! What a day!!! Thankfully no one was hurt in the accident. What a shock for your friends. They have a tough time ahead of them. Xxxxxx

  2. I'm hoping to be in your position soon - facing the end of a mortgage is something you think that you will never see - but news such as yours today puts everything into perspective!