Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Pure Indulgence Is A Cream Tea!

This morning was treat time for a friend and I.
We don't meet up very often and always have lots to catch up on...generally its to do with SEN the hot topic today was the progress of our son's EHCP's.
It's always good to know someone going through the same process and sound off any concerns or queries.
Today we chose a garden centre with a beautiful Tea Pavillion to enjoy our cuppa's in.
It was quite empty when we arrived...but pretty soon the waitress was going around placing "reserved" notices on most of the tables, so we were glad we arrived early.
Each table had a vase of alstromerias which looked really stunning.
With the sunshine pouring in the huge glass window's it really was a treat to be there.
I cannot resist their scones...freshly made, still warm and HUGE!
It really was pure indulgence!
After a few hours chit chat and then a stroll through the garden centre...buying a few plants of was time to head home and spend some time in the sunshine....getting to grips with the grass which has become rather an embarrassment!
However before letting the lawn mower loose on it...I had to rescue the few daisies that had made the place look so cheerful!
After an hour it was looking much more presentable!
I potted up some planters with today's purchases ( nine plants for a tenner..not bad!)
But I soon ran out of energy ( having skipped lunch because that scone was so filling!) and abandoned the rest of the planting for another day.

It's been such a lovely day....ideal for getting the washing dry...I don't know why but I really love just looking at the washing hanging on the line...and especially the top line where it catches the gentle breeze.
I hope we have a few more lovely days so I can get out and finish the planting, and persuade Hubby to put the gazebo roof cover on.
It really feels like the winter has finally gone!
Daily Blessing
Wednesday May 4, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.



  1. No lunch eh? Starting that 5:2 diet early then lol?

  2. Well done on the grass cutting it makes such a difference!xxxx