Thursday, 26 May 2016

Picking Up The Mantle

Today was the 71st birthday of one of our Mother and Toddler helpers.
I asked Grandma if she could bake a fatless sponge so our 80+helper could join in with the little celebration (she can't eat fat because of gall bladder probs)
I took along the candle chandelier I had bought for Teen One last year and we got all the tots to help blow the candles out.
It was a simple way to let our dear helper feel special on her special day, although I am sure at her age she has stopped counting!
With all the toys packed away, it was time to rush over to collect Teen Two for an ENT appointment.
Before we went we had time to call in to his favourite American Diner for an end of week (almost!) treat, after five exams...including maths today.
He indulged in a chocolate milkshake ( I had water!)
He chose a Texan BBQ hot dog...and truthfully I would have preferred something small, but as I had a buy one hot dog get one free voucher, I felt obliged to choose a hot dog as well...but just an original for me!
 The hospital appointment went smoothly (just some micro suction on his ears) and we learnt that the nurse who carried out the procedure knew our late neighbours very well, so we had a good catch up on how lovely they were and of course to let her know the sad news about the latest bereavement.
Our neighbour used to take her up white chocolate every time, how very like her! So, Teen Two and I have made a pact to pick up the mantle and do that for her from now on.
Its now time to whizz off to the lovely sunshine, its been a lovely day and good to see the sun out for so long!


  1. Sounds as though you had a good time at Mothers and tots. What a coincidence that the nurse knew you neighbours. I have to say that bar of white chocolate with the two raspberries placed neatly on the edge, looks absolutely scrummy!!!! xxxxx

    1. I knew the neighbours used to visit ENT every 6mths and had built up a rapport with one of the asked if she had worked there long and did she know could have been any of the nurses, but we had the same one today! She said she was only thinking of them last week and was sad to hear of the latest loss.