Sunday, 22 May 2016

"Left Over" Treats

This morning was church of course, first thing, followed by...
...roast beef of is Sunday after all!
We had some left overs from yesterday's conference to use up...including cream and fresh berries.
So for dessert I decided to whip up a quick pavlova  (pardon the pun!)
If you have ever made pavlova  you will know you need to add a mixture of cornflour and vinegar to the beaten egg white to stabilise the mixture and give the inside its lovely soft and chewy texture.
Today I decided to add some of the balsamic vinegar we bought in the US over Easter.
I thought the raspberry flavour would be most suitable for the berries I was adding later.
It turned out fine and there was even a delicate hint of the raspberry in the meringue.
I was however left with a slight dilemma...having used three egg whites to make the meringue, in order to use left overs...I now had three egg yolks left over!
Yes I could have made some proper custard with them, or extra creamy scrambled egg/omelette...but I couldn't foresee us needing those in the immediate I thought I would add them to the Yorkshire pudding mix, along with another egg...
I wasn't quite sure how they would turn out...but they were lovely and big...everyone hailed them a is it pavlova every Sunday I ask myself!
Today Grandad would have been 90.
After dinner Grandma wanted Hubby to take her to his grave to leave some flowers.
They had a long and happy marriage and I guess nothing can prepare you for losing your soul mate.
It has been eight years since she lost him and  I know she still hasn't got used to the hole it has left in her life.
Someone once told me, you never get used to the just learn to live around it.
This week is a big week for Teen Two...exams every day except Wednesday.
I hope he can keep inwardly calm.
He has been revising like mad and managed to get his Maths up to just a few points away from C...having been consistently at F or G throughout his senior school life....this year he has had a teacher who seems to have worked out how he learns best and has given him lots of one to one time in after school revision.
It may all go pear shaped in the exam of course...but at least we know he has the capability of achieving more in years to come.
Daily Blessing
Sunday May 22, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.

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  1. A good tip for the left over egg yolks! Will be praying for teen two. He can only do his best. Xxx