Friday, 6 May 2016

Incy Wincy Spider!

So...first thing in the morning...there I am, sitting comfortably on "the throne," I look up and what do I see...the biggest spider ever!
Now I don't like spiders it is true, but I can cope with them being around and would never kill one. does feel slightly vulnerable when not completely dressed...and they are THIS big!!
Lets just say a lot of running and screaming was involved before hastily running upstairs to get Teen Two's spider catcher...which seemed a lot of money at Christmas but has paid for itself several times over!
I had forgotten that the scaffolders were coming today, ahead of the new windows being put in on Monday.
Thankfully I hadn't quite made it out of the house ( only just!)
They hadn't been in the garden two minutes when one decided it wasn't safe as he had spotted what he thought was a wasps nest!
In actual fact it was little tiny bees, they have been around the downstairs loo area all week...occasionally making their way into the loo too.
I hadn't thought  too much about it, and as Springwatch has been encouraging us to attract bees into our gardens, I was pleased we had ticked that box.
However...having stood there for a few minutes I was a little alarmed to see so many bees coming and going!
There was the tiniest of holes in the brickwork that seemed to be interesting them...but not one of them actually went into the hole...I soon saw why....just to the side was a split in the wood and out kept popping a BIG SPIDER!!
I decided I didn't really want bees nesting in the downstairs loo roof space so was happy to let the spider keep frightening them off!
Just to be sure they didn't continue with their nest building, when Hubby came home he filled in the hole as well.
I shall keep monitoring the activity for the next few days.
Hubby made the most of the scaffolding being up and painted the rear window sills. Spanning the kitchen roof was not something he fancied doing and I think this is the first time the sill has been painted since we moved in....22 years ago!
My neighbour's son popped in ( I see him most days as you probably gathered) to give me a couple of was this delightful cross stitch work, which his mother made when she was at school!
Isn't it lovely!
Its so neat and the design is ageless.
He also gave me a tablecloth his grandmother embroidered many years ago....equally as lovely...and this is the reverse side!
Or is this the reverse side?
Hard to tell isn't it!
I am delighted to be the new owner of them.
Sorry for the terrible photo...I didn't realise it wasn't in focus...its of Hubby and Teen Two taking his remote control car to pieces to work out why it isn't working...seems like a small piece is broken...Hubby would love to get a replacement part from a 3D printer! Not sure how economical that will be though!
I took the car to the garage today and was thankful to learn there is no damage to the car, just the superficial ones we saw yesterday which if you didn't know about, wouldn't see.
So we are very thankful for that, the mechanic didn't charge, and half expecting this would be the case I took in doughnuts and left them some money for the tea money pot.
Daily Blessing
Friday May 6, 2016
Today's Promise:
   And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

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  1. What beautiful tablecloths! Something to treasure. Had a good laugh about the spiders!!.!!xxxxxx