Friday, 27 May 2016

"If I Only Had A Brain!"

Well today's title is dedicated to the fool that I am!
So lets get it out of the way shall we!
After the usual housework, washing, shopping etc, I cracked on with making a cake for a certain Teen who turns 18 next week.
Of course cakes must be made in secret and rather like presents at Christmas where there is no sign of a present in the house, then Christmas morning they all magically appear downstairs....birthday cakes are the same ...well in this house anyway.
So with the house to myself for the last time before the big day, I made the most of it and busied myself in the kitchen.
Knowing I couldn't blog about it ( just in case she read it!) I took step by step pictures to share with you later.
I then scrubbed the kitchen clean of any sign of baking, made sure all the baking paraphernalia was back in its place, the cooled cake hidden away.
Boy was I feeling pleased with myself!
A few hours later we were at Friday Club and deliberating as to whether a certain child had attended last week...his name wasn't ticked in the register but we seemed to remember seeing him...or was that the previous week???
Then I had a brain wave....I always take pictures of our craft to share with you all  on the blog...all we had to do was check through the I handed the camera to Teen One as she has better eye sight and I was sure I probably wouldn't see the tiny writing on the tiny can guess the rest...."Oh...what's this?" she which point, in the words of Pharoh's butler in Genesis...
I remembered my faults!
Oh if I only had a brain! are still going to have to wait for piccies!
Onto today's activity....we had the story of Elijah and the widow, about to make a cake for her and her son before she she thought.
So the activity was of course Elijah bread...although we have decided to call it Elijah cake as that's what it is called in the song we sing with the children ("The raven's wings...")
and it is also called cake in the KJV version in I Kings 17.
The children really enjoyed making it and eating the spare one I made for us to share.
We often have a young Irish girl come along on Friday to help us with the children. She lives and works about 25 miles away and is so kind to come and help us when she can.
As it was a lovely evening we went out afterwards for some fresh air....
...and a game of Frisbee.
It was great fun even if we girls weren't too good at catching it!
Daily Blessing
Friday May 27, 2016
Today's Proverb:
   A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth: and a word spoken in due season, how good is it!


  1. Oh dear!!! Best laid plans etc. Can we know if the child in question was there last week!!!! Xxxx

  2. Yes he was after all that! Just hadn't been ticked in the register!