Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Today Hubby reached the grand old age of 57!
He was 19 when I first met him...I don't feel old enough to have known him for so long!
I took a bit of a risk with his birthday cake this year...adding a secret ingredient...
...it was reduced in Whittard's to £1 from over a fiver!
However, I am glad to report the chilli didn't ruin the cake...infact none of us could really taste the chilli...although everyone enjoyed it and said they could taste it was different to the usual chocolate cake...but would never have guessed it had chilli in it.
I put cream cheese frosting on top  (thinking it might be needed to cut through the chilli!) and chopped pistachio.
I did add a dusting of the chilli cocoa, but even that didn't add any heat to the cake.
Although today was a special day...Hubby's birthday didn't end up being the main event!
It was already going to be a hectic day, having to squeeze in some of Monday's visits and then wanting to call in and see how Grandma got on over the weekend.
What I hadn't planned for was my neighbour's son calling at 3.30pm and asking if I had an hour to test drive the car!
I had half an hour to unpack the shopping, put dinner in ( which was going to be a special meal for the birthday boy but had to be quickly re scheduled) and be ready to collect Teen Two on the way.
The test drive was  fine, other than I couldn't start the car to get it out of the showroom car park!
Since when did you have to put the clutch down before turning the key?
With that little hiccup out of the way I managed to drive for the next half hour through rush hour traffic, without a hitch.
We managed to get out of town and my passenger was eager for me to really put my foot down...not really my style but I did my best to please him!
There are one or two things that will need getting used to (the door.. bumped my head three times!) and the bonnet sloping so much you cant see the end of it for parking.
However, it has all sorts of bells and whistles and he was eager to give me as many treats as he could.
It was a very surreal experience and I really just wanted to go with whatever he felt was best...whereas I think he would have preferred me to be making the choices...but that's just not me when someone else is footing the bill!
Plus we are always looking at ways to economise...not add to the bill!
He was keen for me to have it as soon as possible, so we aren't going for front parking sensors or electric rear windows ( sorry Teens you will have to use some arm power...but at least you have windows that open!)
The all important decision of the colour has been settled on....blue, the same as my Clio.
I think he would have liked me to be a bit bolder...but I am happy with the more discrete colour.
So....in under three weeks I will be the proud owner of a brand new car...and I still cant believe it!
The whole process took rather a long time, by which time the dinner had dried up and it was getting on for 7pm!
However I managed to salvage it and Hubby finally got to open his presents!
I feel quite exhausted now...emotionally more than anything I guess.
What a day!
Daily Blessing
Tuesday May 3, 2016
Today's Promise:
   He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?


  1. How exciting!! There will be a lot to learn!! You'll soon get used to it. What make is it?xxxx

    1. Ford Fiesta...lot to learn indeed!