Saturday, 7 May 2016

Finally...A Lie In!

This morning started very leisurely...something we haven't managed to enjoy for quite some time.
There has always been some reason to have to get up early, so it was a rare treat to not wake up to an alarm this morning or a reason to be ready for a certain time.
Hubby brought a cup of tea up around 8.30am and it was well after 9am before I ventured into the bathroom...meaning by the time I was showered and dressed it was near to 10am!
Goodness me, it was like being a teenager again!
Before going on to today's activities, I just want to mention something that happened after I had published yesterday's blog.
We had sent a text to the young driver who reversed into my car on Thursday, explaining we had been to the garage and been assured there was no internal damage.
We didn't ask him for any reimbursement but did say we had given the mechanic some money for his time.
The young lad replied straight away, thanking us for our honesty, saying some people would have "milked this for what it was worth." He asked for our bank details so he could reimburse us.
Whilst we had no reason to doubt his honesty we decided against giving a total stranger our bank details and said we didn't want reimbursing but would be happy for him to make a donation to a worthy cause.
He responded he would be delighted to do that as he already raises money for cancer through "Just giving" and has raised £61,000 already!
He is doing another event in June and would put the donation then in our just wanted to know our surname to credit us with the donation.
What a lovely young man, we felt a little good had come out of a bad situation.
The weather was gorgeous, and knowing we were going to be inside for the afternoon at a Church conference, we made the most of the morning ( what little there was of it!)
Hubby did some more painting out the back...
..I planted some violas in a teeny border by the conservatory...
...baked a cake for a young friend who had a rather upsetting time with her housemate during the week...
...washed the front room curtains, having had to take them down ahead of the new windows.
I will iron them on Monday, when the fitters are here...I will need to find something to do to fill the day at home...will hardly be worth doing any housework as I imagine they will be creating rather a lot of mess!
After a light lunch we headed out to the countryside for a conference.
One of the preachers is a "full time worker" in the London area and uses topical events to distribute Christian tracts/booklets.
His current distribution pack is ahead of the Queen's 90th birthday.
It is published by the Bible Society, HOPE and LICC.
The back of the booklet says
"This beautifully illustrated tribute focuses on the Queen's own words to draw out the central role of her trust in Jesus Christ in shaping her life and work, offering us an inspiring, multi-faceted insight into a life well lived for others"
If you are interested in purchasing some for your own personal use or church
they are available at the very reasonable price of £1 each in packs of ten.
There is a special schools edition and also other items of memorabilia.

Our drive home was lovely, with the longer evenings we were able to see the beautiful fields laden with rape and woods still carpeted with bluebells.
The sun set was gorgeous was the dusk bird chorus.
It was a lovely end to a lovely day.
Daily Blessing
Saturday May 7, 2016
Today's Promise:
   I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

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