Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Clearing Those Corners!

Today I technically had "nothing to do."
By that of course, I mean my calendar was empty of appointments, Recycled Teenagers, and the like.
So, what to do with the day I thought?
Clearing out some corners was my intention, getting to some jobs I always put off, you know what I mean don't you? And when you have the don't have the inclination to do it! it turned out I didn't have as much time as I expected.
My neighbour's son called round before 9am to ask if I wanted one of his parents flat screen TV's as a spare....well I couldn't say no could I!
So out went the old portable one up in the attic bedroom, and it has now been replaced with a flat screen one instead!
You can't say we don't treat our guests to a life of luxury can you...we even have a proper aerial up there now!!
By the time I had listened to  my neighbour's son...and told him he had no reason to feel remorseful for not always being as patient as a saint with his dad in his last days, an hour had gone!
So it was back to the clearing up...I managed to clear two huge piles of paperwork when the phone was Grandma....I can't remember what she actually wanted, but knowing she had expressed an interest in going to The Range when I had some time...I suggested today would be a good day.
So, with an hour to hang washing, decide what to cook for dinner etc, it was off to The Range to escape those corners again!
Grandma was delighted to buy some plug in mice and rat repellants, they emit a frequency only those little critters can hear...according to her it works.
Her last one was years old and had cost £ in The Range they were three for £14.99 so she as delighted.
With Grandma all sorted, it was time to come home and....sort those corners???? No....time for some Bargain Hunt and a lunch break I had been a hard morning after all!
At this point I need to say, for some reason I woke up with the lark this morning, around 4.50am and could not get back to sleep, so around 5.30am I got up and made a cuppa and brought one back to bed for Hubby.
So, after that strenuous morning (not!) and heavy lunch (not!) I have to confess to needing a bit of shut eye.
I didn't see the end of Bargain Hunt and woke up around 1.15pm rather confused  as to why the newsreader was at the auctions...except of course she wasn't at the auctions but behind her newsdesk!
I really shouldn't take afternoon naps should I!
So...feeling a tad guilty for sleeping in the day time I rushed next door to get away from clearing the corners  do some dusting etc as I have to take Teen Two to the hospital tomorrow instead.
Once home I thought about clearing the corners decided the cupboard under the stairs really needed a re jiggle.
I do it regularly and regularly it gets in a mess.
So today I pulled it all out, emptied all the boxes and thought very carefully about what actually went back in,
Before I could fill the space however, Milly decided she rather liked the new area!
(sorry flash was off!)
For you to appreciate how bad things were, I really should have taken a before photo, but trust me when I say you couldn't see a thing underneath and every time the cupboard was opened stuff fell out from the top shelves!
Not only has it been completely organised, there is space on the shelf should anyone need to put anything in there ( just see if anyone DARES!!) but the vacuum is back in the cupboard!
For the past 18 years it has been in the hallway!
When Teen One saw the transformation she said "so how long do you think it will last this time mum?"
How well she knows this household!
And I have to say....she is not the culprit, she is the tidiest of us all, always putting things away straight after using them, shoes up in her room as soon as she comes home etc!
I raised her well!! (So modest too!)
As for those corners...well by the time the cupboard was done and the dinner done...then there was the blog to write, blog to read and now the clear up from dinner etc...well...they will have to wait for another "nothing to do" day!

Daily Blessing
Wednesday May 25, 2016
Today's Proverb:
   A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.


  1. What a busy day and a varied one!!! I know exactly what you mean about 'jobs for free time days'. Free time days should be exactly that, to do what you enjoy doing. We are in a bit of shock at the moment, one of our buyers died on Sunday after a massive heart attack. We feel so sorry for his

    1. Oh no!! Your house is sounding like a health risk!

  2. Those corners would just fill up again and make more work!