Wednesday, 11 May 2016

A Double Glazed Optical Illusion!

This morning started with the scaffolders coming to take down the frame that had been put up for the glaziers.
It was a different team to the ones who had set it up last week and they weren't quite as friendly.
I happened to look out of the window about 20 minutes into their work and saw the garden fence ( which is attached to the wall) was missing!
They had leaned two ladders up to it and clearly it wasn't up to the weight of a man with a scaffolding pole!
I went out and asked if they had had a problem with the fence, to which they replied "what fence?"
I replied "well there was one before you arrived" and left them to it!
A family friend had arranged to take me out for coffee, so we left the men to it and tried out a new tea shop.
I can never resist a cream scone!
We had a lovely catch up and I was relieved when I got home to see the fence had been replaced...although no doubt a puff of wind will blow it down again...or an unsuspecting cat!
The glaziers had cleared up most of the debris yesterday, but there was still a fair amount of bits around the forecourt, so I took the opportunity to clear some weeds as well...I was surprised to get a whole carriers didn't look that much in the cracks!
When out doing the clearing up a neighbour stopped by and admired the new windows.
As I stepped back and admired them with her... I noticed that the nets looked an odd colour!
It doesn't really show up in the photo, but they have a cream/yellow look about them!
I went inside to check they really were white...having hung them this morning I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed the odd colour...nope...inside they are white...outside a rather grubby colour!
A bit of googling suggests it is coating used on new double glazing to reduce condensation.
I will appreciate the reduced condensation and will have to live with the weird colour...or get rid of the nets!
It's a bit of an optical illusion as from the inside the world outside looks quite normal in colour, so it was rather a surprise to see things are different looking outside in!
I wonder if it helps reduce sun damage as well?
I remember as a child seeing shop windows with a yellow film over them. I always hated it and wondered why they did it.
I asked a shopkeeper once (how forward of me!) and she said it was to stop sun damage.
At the time I remember thinking "how can the sun damage anything...don't they know its millions of light years away!?"
Of course I realise now, and living with west facing windows which get a lot of sunshine, I have had several pairs of curtains develop a rather unsightly fade stripe...maybe this won't be such a problem now?
Have to wait and see I guess!
Daily Blessing
Wednesday May 11, 2016
Today's Proverb:
   For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it.


  1. Pleased you got your fence back.! If you are not happy with it I would mention it to the office person. It sounds to me as though your windows have a slight tint to them. Does this illusion apply to all of the windows? Xxxx

  2. Yes...all windows...but only noticeable when the curtains are up! Think I can live with it to be honest x