Monday, 30 May 2016

A Car In Our Garage?? Whatever Next?

Being Bank Holiday and no plans other than to finish off the garage, it was  a real treat to wake up, roll over and go back to sleep!
I finally woke up properly around 8.30am and soon after Hubby came up with a cuppa and some ginger I felt obliged to stay in bed a little longer!
Once up I decided the first thing I wanted to do was to mow next door's lawn.
My dear Late Recycled Teenager was very particular about his lawn, but since his passing, his son has so much on his plate, thinking about the garden has not figured very high on his to do list.
Each morning when I look out and see how high the grass is getting, I think how his dad would be moaning if he saw the state it was in!
So, with the son away for the long weekend, I thought I would cut it for him as a surprise.
The cutting isn't the hard bit of course, its the clearing up afterwards, so by the time I did that I was in need of a cuppa and sit down!
Whilst Hubby set off for the third dump trip of the weekend (and not the last!) Teen One and I gave the Clio a spring clean.
I did the inside and she did the outside. Never has it gleamed so much or smelt so fresh inside!
It has been a real work horse for me over the years, taking the kids to the woods/seaside/rainy picnics in the car etc, not to mention the many trips to the dump for Grandma with her never ending garden waste.
Whilst I did clean it...occasionally ( usually around MOT time as I was too embarrassed to take it in its "lived in " state!) it never really had a deep clean!
But now there is not a sign of grass, pebbles, crumbs or sticky sweet wrappers!
It's all ready for its MOT in a few weeks, and then hopefully Teen One to have once the dreaded driving test has been passed....if she is like her mum and dad it will take a couple of attempts!
With the car all clean and shiny...Teen One went back to her revision...
...Teen Two has had an overdose of screen time...but seeing has he has several days of going in to school for revision, he deserves to do just what he wants for a day!
With the old freezer off to the dump ( the last trip of the weekend!) I was able to investigate the contents of a small cupboard that had been behind it.
Most went in the bin, old shapes and colours posters from when the Teens were Tots, a singing fish (remember those??)also went to the dump...and then I found a black bin bag and couldn't work out what could possible be inside...what a pleasant surprise to find it was a turntable!!
I knew I had one ( well I had two once upon a time, a marble one and this wooden one)
I used to use them for cake decorating, but every Sunday when we are playing Scrabble with Grandma I say "I wish I hadn't thrown my turntables would make it so much easier for turning the board!"
I even looked around at car boot sales and charity am delighted to have it back.
We did buy a proper wheelie thing designed for Scrabble boards...but sadly the modern boards aren't the same size as the old ones, so it didn't fit.
After many hours hard work, I am relieved to say, the garden is just about back to normal (where is the sunshine we have had all weekend !)
But the biggest achievement of recent years is....
...we have a car in our garage! Whatever next!
I appreciate for many of you, a car in a garage is as normal as milk in the fridge...but our car has never been kept in the garage ( except for when we lived in the US and that was a big work up to clear the garage even then!)
The garage has been where we dump things we don't know what to do with, the storer of bikes, garden furniture, old toys...all manner of things...but never the car!
As we are set to be a family of three cars for the foreseeable future, we felt we just had to be neighbourly and keep one of the off the road...what a shame we cant have a double decker garage.....then we would have somewhere to keep more junk in store one of the other cars in!
What a busy weekend its been, but at least we have achieved our goal!
Daily Blessing
Monday May 30, 2016
Today's Promise:
   But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

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  1. Wow!!! You've done it. Well done. You must feel very satisfied. Have some fun for the rest of the week.xxxx,