Monday, 11 April 2016

The Jet Lag Continues

Today started very miserably, with grey skies and dreary rain.
Not very conducive to getting over a lovely holiday!
However, with yesterdays "count your blessings" thoughts uppermost,  I tackled the chores ahead of me.
The usual "first thing in the morning" chores, coupled with some more unpacking.
After my usual trip to my Monday Recycled Teenager and stocking up the cupboards at the shops, I made it home just in time to take a phone call from Safestyle UK.
I asked for a quote online, but have been out every time they phoned.
We have several fogged windows and two that are very drafty, so we really are overdue replacements...they weren't new windows when we moved in over twenty years ago!
We have made arrangements for the rep to call tonight and then depending on the price, we will hopefully have windows we can see through soon!
I must confess...I am already a little frustrated with their system.
They wouldn't show me the video without Hubby being here.
Am I not capable of making such decisions alone?
We had local glaziers quote us a couple of years ago and neither insisted on both home owners being present for the quote...and neither did they make us watch a video!
They are going to be bitterly disappointed though...if we go for them, it will be the cheapest and plainest ones they stock!
I was rather regretting arranging an appointment for today when I remembered the piles of washing yet to be put away in the bedrooms!
So the afternoon was spent getting that job out of the way and a little bit of general tidying up.
With a curry hastily put together and put in a low oven, it was time to go to Teen Two's school for a quick meeting.
The SENCO was happy with the EHCP and like me was of the opinion the Local Authority should be picking up the bill for Teen Two's language therapy...not least because they have used the last report ( which we paid for) as the foundation for the support they acknowledge Teen Two will need.
I am not expecting this to happen  without a fight, but at least we have school on our side.
Whilst waiting for Teen Two to finish his revision class, I sat in the car trying to make sense of the mound of post we had come when we were away.
Most weeks I would say we have very little post... however the two weeks we were on holiday seems to have signalled the arrival of every possible piece of official paperwork ever!
I have sorted it into order of importance and tomorrow will tackle some of the form filling involved and documentation needed for others.
We are all a little bit jetlagged still, struggling to think of words, recognise our own home when we wake and of course being extremely tired or hungry at bizzare times!
No doubt as each day passes we will slot back into normality eventually!
Daily Blessing
Monday April 11, 2016
Today's Proverb:
   For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it.

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  1. Oh dear, you sound a bit'down' as you say it is the jet lag and I am sure it will soon pass!!!! Keep thinking of the lovely time you had. Xxx