Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Sewing Box Mysteries!

Today was a stay at home day...a friend was coming round, firstly for her lunch, and secondly to catch up with some paperwork before going to a meeting later in the day.
So I needed to find a sitting down job, so we could enjoy each others company but still make the most of our time.
If you remember, last week I was given two vintage sewing boxes.
My own sewing box was also a hand me down, about thirty years ago, but I have never found it easy to keep tidy...
...rather like my messy pile of wool, my cotton reels always got in a tangle.
So I decided to use the new sewing box to keep the threads in....
....much tidier wouldn't you say...and less chance of them getting tangled up.
Our cat Milly has a thing about new pieces of furniture...she has to make them her no surprises to see where she took her afternoon nap!
Going through the contents of the new box was very interesting...there were some things I just didn't have a clue about...what, for example is "closing thread?"
This was obvious..."Mending Yarn" but  I suspect you couldn't buy it nowadays.
I kept coming across lumps of what looked like sticky toffee covered with bits of thread.
I threw the first few away...too scared to think what they might be!
But when I kept finding them...and always covered in thread, I thought they must be here for a specific reason.
They were waxy to the touch...well hardened wax anyway...I wondered if loose ends of thread in the box were "magically" attracted to it and it somehow kept the sewing box clean....but that didn't really seem very likely...there MUST be a reason I thought.
I kept looking at it and suddenly noticed all the lines in suddenly came to me...I expect it was used to smooth out ends of thread to make it easier to thread through needles!
A quick google suggested this was probably the reason...and also to help prevent tangles forming...boy do I need that!
The wax was rather unsightly though so I have thrown it away and will keep a new beeswax block I have (somewhere in the house!) incase I get the urge!
The box was full of bits and bobs...probably a life times accumulation of buttons etc, as was the wooden box...but I decided to bag it all up and put it in a charity bag, then refill the wooden box with some collections of my really is the tip of the iceberg if I am honest...but its a start to some organisation in this department!

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  1. How interesting. Closing thread!!!! Well I've never heard of that one.xxxxxx